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What fresh hell is this? By Charlotte Bronte
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We wanted it more live and raw. We didn't want a studio sound. By Alice Cooper
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hulkamanias runnin wild brother By Hulk Hogan
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You can still entertain without getting a knockout. By Andre Ward
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naked goddess with By Rick Riordan
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Do you think Team Rated RKO can win tonight AND at Survivor Series? By Maria Kanellis
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Naked guy think Hulk stupid? By Mark Millar
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Welcome to Smackdown. This is where the franchise plays. That's Tazz, he's a thug. And that's Michael Cole, he's gay. By John Cena
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I believe that professional wrestling is clean and everything else in the world is fixed. By Frank Deford
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Naked violence repels like the naked skeleton shorn of flesh, blood and the velvety skin. By Mahatma Gandhi
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Our stock in trade is raw, flailing sex. By Al Goldstein
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Vince Mcmahon may have bought this ring but if you get your *ss in it Stone Colds going to throw your *ss out of it By Stone Cold Steve Austin
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I'm bringing raw sex appeal. That's my whole thing. By Kenna
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hot, dirty, and multi-orgasmic kind. "Cavolo, By Avery Flynn
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Just. Plain. [Fu*king.] Grilled. Swordfish. By Howard Schultz
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Here we meet, on the page, naked and unadorned: shorn of class, race, gender, sexual identity, age and nationality. By Will Self
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You want it rough and raw," he rasped in a low whisper. "I'll give you that, love. I'll give you the fucking world. By Kit Rocha
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Get me meat. Lots of it. Meat on meat By Stacey Jay
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If there is a fruit that can be eaten raw, it is beauty. By Alphonse Karr
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Clean, tasty, real foods do not come processed in boxes or bags; they come from the earth, the sea, the field, or the farm. By Suzanne Somers
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You look nice in those old slacks, but in the raw you are Beauty herself. By Kenneth Patchen
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Hee that is throwne would ever wrestle. By George Herbert
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Boxing is show-business with blood. By David Belasco
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Do you guys have any raw garlic? By Shailene Woodley
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I'm all for raw milk. I think you should make your own choice on whether you drink raw milk or not. By Ron Paul
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Washed-out like last year's swimsuit. By Dennis Vickers
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One of my favorite dishes in the world used to be steak tartare, which is raw ground beef seasoned and then served. By Eric Schlosser
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The greatest fighter I ever saw By Gene Tunney
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A crier of green sauce. By Francois Rabelais
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Ready to wrestle with my gorgeous boyfriend? Oh, I'd say I'm ready for that. By Becca Fitzpatrick
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Shane Douglas defeated Pit Bull Two in a match so dull, it was soul-destroying. By Findlay Martin
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Pure is honourable. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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McMahon 3:16 says 'I just pissed my pants!' By Stone Cold Steve Austin
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For most entertainers, there is a single experience, one defining moment, when confidence replaces the self-doubt that most of us wrestle with. By Charley Pride
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topped with whipped cream, chopped nuts By Judy Blume
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Wrestling hurts. Your body's not meant to take that abuse. I've closed that door, but I don't know that I've locked it for good. By Stacy Keibler
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Pre-Digested', that almost By E.r. Punshon
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meat comes from the supermarket, where it's wrapped in plastic. No guts involved. By Tess Gerritsen
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the edge. Great. Now his firm rear end By Anne Carrole
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Blood sport is brought to its ultimate refinement in the gossip columns. By Bernard Ingham
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I am everything untamed and untameable! It brought Conor up close to its eye. I am this wild earth, come for you, Conor O'Malley. By Patrick Ness
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This must be Monday Night RAW, we just got a Wendy's chant. By John Cena
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KISS ME, HARDY! Kiss me, QUICK! By Elizabeth Wein
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I'm not touching that one with tongs and a gas mask.""-Jericho By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Everybody's eating all my - brownies, granola, anything you eat cooked, I can find you raw. By Carol Alt
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Straight? So is spaghetti until you heat it up By Jet Mykles
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That was the absolute worst catch phrase I've ever heard in the history of Monday Night Raw. By Stone Cold Steve Austin
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the good finish best By Bemy Wells
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Sweet on the street, alpha in the sheets. By Liz Reinhardt
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Ok you want me up in a cage, then I'll come out in beast mode. By Lil' Wayne
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In all my years in boxing I'd never known such heat By Angelo Dundee
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I'm as pure as the driven slush. By Tallulah Bankhead
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Boxing is just show business with blood. By Frank Bruno
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Yet smelt roast meat, beheld a huge fire shine, And cooks in motion with their clean arms bared. By Lord Byron
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I'm Vince McMahon, dammit, let's hear it! By Vince Mcmahon
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Muscled like a maiden's fantasy By George R R Martin
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Rose and Carlos twisted together like chicken fight partners in knee-deep guacamole, By Richard Long
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A refined sort of butcher, a woman is. By John Osborne
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Where did you get the meat from? Mo Erwa answered calmly: We just boiled our three-year-old daughter. By Liao Yiwu
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CRAIG DAVIDSON Medium Tough By Jennifer Egan
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Real, rough and rugged, shine like a gold nugget,Every time I pick up the microphone, I drug it. By Jeru The Damaja
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You're wrong,darlin', I got wild in me. And I'll never lose it. It's just that my wild is a safe place for you and it will always be. - Brock By Kristen Ashley
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Who wears white to a knife fight? By Leigh Bardugo
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He was so naked his skin looked like clothes to me. He seemed sealed up in a very tight pink suit, without a wrinkle or a seam to be found. Wet By Emily Fridlund
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I don't wanna wrestle Big Show tonight because I'm scared that he's gonna eat me! By John Cena
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Warning: This title is sexually explicit with mild bdsm. If you like it rough and spanky, this may be for you. By Tasha L. Harrison
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You're the Sue Sylvester of NXT. By Josh Mathews
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Go get dirty, baby girl. And I mean the naked kind. By Kelly Moran
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'Monday Night Football' is a competitor to 'Monday Night Raw.' By Stephanie Mcmahon
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I'm obsessed and addicted and ripped-down-raw in love with Jericho Barrons. By Karen Marie Moning
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sausages. Behind By Deanna Raybourn
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killer inside me By Jim Thompson
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Pie in a bed of raw onions. Human skull looking put-upon. Howl By Diana Wynne Jones
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I'm a heel man. There's no doubt about that. I've always done heels for my shows, ever since the first in 2008. By Christian Cota
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The unnatural, that too is natural. By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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Well, just another thing that Michael Cole brings to Monday Night Raw, he invited Laycool here, for whatever reason. By Josh Mathews
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You do a clean show and it's over and the audience have enjoyed themselves and you've enjoyed yourself, and you haven't had to resort to shock. By Bob Newhart
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Strip me bare, peel me apart, layer by layer, steal my heart, By Jessica Sorensen
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Matt Hardy's quicker than a hiccup. By Jim Ross
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Blood, sweat, tears. No practice tomorrow 'cause there's no one left to beat. By Bobby Orr
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If anybody dared say wrestling was fake, you'd punch 'em. And you never used the word show. If you used the word show it was an insult. By Hulk Hogan
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I love fierce performers. By Ella Eyre
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At Fantasy's Bar & Grill we're serving up things behind closed doors that are hotter than anything you'll order from the menu! By Michelle Hughes
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Undertaker, if that is your real name ... By Kurt Angle
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There's no way I can tag team with Randy Orton; he just wears too much baby oil! By John Cena
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The meat was bruised, bleeding, and imprisoned in a tight wrapping. And, though I had a six-month respite from thinking about it, so was I. By Susanna Kaysen
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Bret, you got it goin on! "Got it goin on!" Not in a gay way but in a hey-your-lookin-ok-man! By Flight Of The Conchords
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I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig. By Andrea Dworkin
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This place has a one, two knockout punch. By Joe Teti
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Mark Henry is so strong he eats steak with a spoon. By Jerry Lawler
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I want to see you game, boys, I want to see you brave and manly, and I also want to see you gentle and tender. By Theodore Roosevelt
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If you want to see Chris Jericho drink a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin, give me a doo-a dee-dee-dam, dee-dee-doo. By Chris Jericho
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You do take a beating in professional wrestling. But I love it. By Dave Bautista
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Hide your kids, hide your wife, don't change the channel, this is monday night raw and The Miz is the WWE champion. By Alex Riley
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Well folks, what do you think? Here's our choices.. Should I give Paul Bearer back to Kane? Should I shove Paul Bearer down these steps? By Edge
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Hot and hasty, like a Scotch jig. By William Shakespeare
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Blind loving wrestling touch, sheath'd hooded sharp-tooth'd touch!Did it make you ache so, leaving me? By Walt Whitman
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Everybody's out there wrestling like a robot. By Hulk Hogan
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D-Dub in the flesh. By Victoria Scott
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