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Life is delicious. Waste not one bite! By A.d. Posey
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Most pleasures are best as a seasoning, not the main course. p. 374 By Brandon Mull
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The quest for slowness, which begins as a simple rebellion against the impoverishment of taste in our lives, makes it possible to rediscover taste. By Carlo Petrini
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Taste of forbidden fruit, made all the more exciting By Andrzej Sapkowski
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This isn't kissing. This is savoring your taste. By Nicole Jordan
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There is a certain delicacy which in yielding conquers; and with a pitiful look makes one find cause to crave help one's self. By Philip Sidney
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The most sumptuous experience of ingestion is in-between: remembering the last bite and looking forward to the next one. By Lionel Shriver
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Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge. By Philip Sidney
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Fine and delicate taste is the fruit of education and experience. By Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
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My soul tasted that heavenly food, which gives new appetite while it satiates. By Dante Alighieri
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Taste is nothing but a delicate good sense. By Joseph Chenier
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Taste is tiring like good company. By Francis Picabia
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Here's the thing about dessert--you want it to last. You want to savor it. By Nora Ephron
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Some kinds of hunger were sweet in themselves, the anticipation of satisfaction as keen a pleasure as the slaking. By Diana Gabaldon
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Every moment nature is serving fresh dishes with the items of happiness. It is our choice to recognize and taste it. By Amit Ray
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You take what God gives you and relish it. By Frank Vincent
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The Knower of 'taste' is the Soul. The enjoyer of 'taste' is not the Soul. By Dada Bhagwan
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I have never savored life with such gusto as I do now. By Candice Bergen
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You can taste a word. By Pearl Bailey
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Fastidious taste makes enjoyment a struggle. By Mason Cooley
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Like a lot of snackers, I recognized that snacking is an indulgence and is all about taste. By Keith Belling
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Eating is one of the great pleasures of life. By Adam Mansbach
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Food is more than a matter of taste-it is the fuel for our bodies. By Jane Fonda
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The senses must feast while there is yet hunger and whatever. By John Green
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The taste of life is in love. By Sunday Adelaja
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It tastes like life.""What?""Rotten and strange and rich and way, way too strong>strongstrong>. By Adam Gidwitz
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Taste is a mystery. By Daniel Mendelsohn
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Life is a bargain between bitter and sweet. Because there is a surfeit of bitter, we must savor the rare sweet. By Stephanie Dray
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I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet. By Jason Lee
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Taste it and you will get a desire for it.Irish Proverb By Dorien Kelly
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Well I sup and well I dine,When I drink my frolic wine. By Robert Herrick
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Taste is made of a thousand distastes By Paul Valery
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Life must be savored, not rushed. Let me savor your soft warmth."(Eagan,"A Veil of Glass and Rain") By Petra F. Bagnardi
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So munch on, crunch on, take your nuncheon, Breakfast, supper, dinner, luncheon! By Robert Browning
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Taste goodness before you recommend it. By Chinmayananda Saraswati
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At banquets surfeit not, but fill; partake, and retire; and eat not again till you crave. By Herman Melville
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When I liked something I tasted it hesitantly, furtively, as though it were extremely bitter. By Osamu Dazai
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Taste this, and be henceforth among the Gods thyself a Goddess. By John Milton
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Trying to extricate from the long day the grain of pleasure By Graham Greene
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The strongest taste shall be a kiss. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one's accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes. By Wendell Berry
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The sweetest pleasures soonest cloy, And its best flavour temperance gives to joy. By Juvenal
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The joy from eating does not come from the exclusivity of the food, but instead from the sensitivity that we eat it with. By Nino Gruettke
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Temper your enjoyments with prudence, lest there be written on your heart that fearful word 'satiety.' By Francis Quarles
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Having a 'taste for life' is about knowing its various flavours and awaiting the next meal. By Fennel Hudson
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gastronomic flavours and traditions on display to tease and seduce the senses. By Atsons
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Caught between the tongue and the taste. By Anne Carson
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The only tastes worth having are acquired tastes. By Gilbert Adair
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Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him! By Sarah Young
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Taste begins when appetite is satisfied. By Bernard Berenson
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Do so with gusto, because my God, there's nothing sorrier than a gusto-less existence. By David Arnold
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Tis not what you crave that feeds your soul...Tis my sunshine right after the rainWhen my ravishing rays unfold. By Melissa Mojo Hunter
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When food arrives, eat; enjoy what you have in every moment. By Jude Watson
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Expertness of taste is at once the result and reward of constant exercise of thinking. By John Dewey
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When we develop reverence for food and the miracle of transformation inherent in it, just the simple act of eating creates a ritual of celebration. By Deepak Chopra
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Life tastes better when you marinate your experiences. By Jasmine J. Anderson
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Taste is nothing but an enlarged capacity for receiving pleasure from works of imagination. By William Hazlitt
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I just eat life ... I engage in life. By Tom Cruise
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When life offered you everything you ever wanted, you savored it. By Kristen Ashley
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I don't eat a single bite of food that I don't absolutely love. By Mark Sisson
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When we rejoice in our fullness, then we can part with our fruits with joy. By Rabindranath Tagore
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Taste speaks through a turn of phrase, a curl of the lip, a shrug of the shoulder: it makes an atmosphere. By Irving Howe
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The taste of love is always amazing; even when it's bitter By Munia Khan
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I wish I knew the flavor of my happiness. By Jonathan Carroll
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All of life is a dispute over taste and tasting. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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Read as you taste fruit or savor wine, or enjoy friendship, love or life. By George Herbert
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Since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto. By M.f.k. Fisher
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I yearn to taste my desire on your lips. By Truth Devour
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Eat this sweetish segment or spit it out. You are free. By Anthony Burgess
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Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. By Kurt Vonnegut
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So much to relish and remember. By Anthony Lane
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I am an acquired taste. By W.s. Gilbert
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Every moment must be first known and then savored. By Anne Rice
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Taste is, so to speak, the microscope of the judgment. By Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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I hear Socrates saying that the best seasoning for food is hunger; for drink, thirst. By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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All day long, one continues to suffer sweet or bitter fruits. This life has been attained for the purpose of experiencing! By Dada Bhagwan
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Eating is one of the most important aspects of living. I like indulging. I like to eat one food at a time, to savor each individual thing. By Marco Pierre White
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I savour the adulation and love I have been getting from my fans and the blessings of elders in my family. By Akshay Kumar
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He rolls it under his tongue as a sweet morsel. By Matthew Henry
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Sweet is made sweeter after we eat something bitter. By Tarryn Fisher
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One must cease letting oneself be eaten when one tastes best: that is known to those who want to be loved long. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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Everybody loves to have things which please the palate put in their way, without trouble or preparation. By Samuel Johnson
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Only your hearts be frolic, for the time Craves that we taste of naught but jouissance. By Robert Greene
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He who tastes not, knows not. By Rumi
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I concentrate in my work on preserving and displaying the original flavor from each ingredient in a dish. By Alain Ducasse
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Taste is a matter of taste. By Jay Mcinerney
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Delicious is a just and firm encounter of two in a thought, in a feeling. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Eating was an essential, sensual and communal activity requiring nothing more than taste buds and an open mind. By Hannah Mary Rothschild
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As with the future, it is not all at once but grain by grain that one savours the past. By Marcel Proust
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Eat, taste the food, and still remember that you are the watcher. By Rajneesh
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Eat, as nobody is watching. Enjoy food like that's the only thing left in your world. By Nikita Dudani
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Delicacy is to love what grace is to beauty. By Francoise D'aubigne, Marquise De Maintenon
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Pleasures are enhanced by a moderate indulgence. By Juvenal
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Love foods that sustain and protect you, and love you back. By Bryant Mcgill
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As I digest what words I speak, I consume more wisely. By Soul Dancer
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The sweetest things become the most bitter by excess. By Democritus
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Pleasures seem solid in their pursuit; but are mere clouds in the enjoyment. By Thomas Brooks
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Food is the supremest of pleasures. By Fay Weldon
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If one lived for ever the joys of life would inevitably in the end lose their savour. As it is, they remain perennially fresh. By Bertrand Russell
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How much salt water thrown away in waste/To season love, that of it doth not taste. By William Shakespeare
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