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Mathematics is filled with such instances where it is important to regard one set as a subset of another. By Richard Hammack
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darkened like a stage set. The senet game began By Rick Riordan
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When I dealt with set theory, I could never make it be the music that I wanted. By Harrison Birtwistle
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I would find the idea of compiling a setlist that doesn't wildly excite me to be too restricting. By Morrissey
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Every time I work on a new set, I take whatever I can from it and learn as much as I can around the people who I am working with. By Sammi Hanratty
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Party name of Thorn? Tristran of that set? By Neil Gaiman
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shatter the foundation By Veronica Roth
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I am so happy, each and every day that I come to set. Some days, I'll be there 12 hours, and it feels like five minutes have gone by. By Fiona Gubelmann
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Once the fifth set comes, it's a matter of nerves. By Pete Sampras
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matched that between By J.k. Rowling
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Setting is my primary joy as a writer, building a world and watching people respond to it. By Nicola Griffith
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You set the tone on the set that you want to see in the film. By Todd Phillips
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My brother knows more about film sets than I do, because he works at New York Film Academy. By Elizabeth Olsen
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If you cannot have fun on a set and enjoy what you're doing, you're better off giving it up. By John Rhys-Davies
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Do as many sets as you need to complete at least 25 repetitions for a muscle group. So By Adam Campbell
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I love working with actors. That's what the set really is, for me. It's my time with the actors. By Wes Anderson
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If I had to just play 200 shows a year with the same set, there'd be a gun. In my mouth. With bullets in it. By Bob Schneider
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Setbacks are stepping stones to something better. By Cash Peters
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Mindset is your beliefs about your potential, skills, strength, intelligence and choices. Through mindfulness you can change your mindset. By Amit Ray
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What kind of dining set defines me as a person? By Chuck Palahniuk
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The scene was set. All that was required was an action, a cold start, instant and brutal as beginnings always are. By Paolo Giordano
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Tonight is not a setback. It's just a learning experience. By Aaron Rodgers
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The set goal can release inner capacities and involve all human potential By Sunday Adelaja
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Every setback is a setup for a comeback! By Joel Osteen
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out. May propped the By Nancy Cavin Pitts
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I would rather be on the set than doing anything. By Orson Welles
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I love the feeling I get when I'm on a set; I love reading the scripts, playing the characters, getting to be someone else. By Dakota Fanning
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I like a pretty relaxed, fun set. Everyone knows they can bring whoever they want and hang out. By Jonathan Levine
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It's important on a comedy to have a fun loving set. By Anneliese Van Der Pol
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Before you attempt to set things right, make sure you see things right. By John C. Maxwell
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I grew up on a set and saw my family doing it and thought, 'I can do that too.' By Rory Culkin
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Give me the control, don't ever come on the set, and I'll show it to you when it's cut. By Tom Ford
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I love movie sets. It's another home for me. Movie theaters and movie sets - they're just the best places to be. I love them. By Logan Lerman
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Twenty's good and proper. While Locke gestured for Calo and Galdo to help him set By Scott Lynch
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Setbacks are just stepping stones to great things. By Teresa Collins
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I have never been sorry to see my sets being struck, provided they are well photographed. They're not works of art but part of making a film. By Ken Adam
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Every time you go on a set, it's a whole different world, and I love that. By Levi Miller
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I would have done higher than that ... I would have set it higher. By Duane Chapman
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A setback only paves the way for a comeback. By Evander Holyfield
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If I should make a mistake, it could never be set right in your lifetime. By Charles Dickens
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I'd settle for what you had to give By Mary Stewart
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cards. Twenty-four By Damian Harper
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I really wish they hadn't made the set out of asbestos. By David Mitchell
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As soon as Neil is out of the shower, he texts Peter. You up? he asks.And the reply comes instantly:For anything. By David Levithan
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So, to come In with a set routine it's something I've never believed in. It should depend on how you feel, because you play what you feel. By Buddy Rich
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I am more comfortable on set than I am in my own home. By Jennifer Lynch
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The question then is, how much are you willing to give?" And I answered, "Anything." A breath later, Zane echoed my response with, "Everything. By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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I've never done a box set, and Eddie's full of it if he says otherwise. By Sammy Hagar
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People tend to pair off that way, Cath thought, in matched sets. By Rainbow Rowell
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You got all your friends, I got a TV set. By Ray Davies
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Auburn Tigers T-shirt. By Rachel Hawkins
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Sherlock Holmes In By Arthur Conan Doyle
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No, actually I wanted to play five. I definitely wanted to try to lose that fourth set and test the waters in the fifth. By Andy Roddick
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Setbacks are just learning experiences. By Beth Brooke
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2tsxutc972778 By Shriya
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I just hold it down for my side, I just hold it down for my set. I just give everybody a piece of this and make do with what's left. By Drake
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Winners make every setback a floor to launch higher. Non-winners make every setback a ceiling to launch lower. By Orrin Woodward
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establishing the By Anonymous
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Baby get ready, get set, please don't go. By Billy Ray Cyrus
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clearing and into the By Susanna Kearsley
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Out, damned spot By William Shakespeare
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Those who put blinders on their eyes should remember that the set also includes bridle and a whip. By Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
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I didn't accomplish what I set out to do, but I realized I had set out to do the wrong things By Jane Mcgonigal
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And now the matchless deed's achieved, Determined, Dared, and Done. By Christopher Smart
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Over. Done. Gone. By Wen Spencer
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Leave to Heaven the measure and the choice. By Samuel Johnson
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Every day that I get to step onto a set is a good day for me. By Lee Norris
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You may be in a tough time but that setback is simply a setup for a greater comeback. By Joel Osteen
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If you've broken any promises you've made to yourself, now is the time to make up for it. By Gina Greenlee
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The political horizon looks dark and lowering; but the people, under Providence, will set all right. By Abraham Lincoln
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A great champion deals with setback with a comeback, By Donna De Varona
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23 RETURN TO LEOCH By Diana Gabaldon
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A movie in production is the greatest train set a boy could ever have. By Orson Welles
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You get a kind of familiarity on a set when you're on a TV show. By Alia Shawkat
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Richie Beirach Trio By Haruki Murakami
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gave him. So we have the By Dee Henderson
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Stepping on set is always overwhelming. By Michiel Huisman
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I've always been a huge fan of matching sets and vibrant prints. By Mia Moretti
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One thing I'm always thinking about myself is what am I willing to make up? And the answer is not much. By Pam Houston
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I do have a ridiculously high hedonic set-point By Anders Sandberg
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Set the world afire. Just let me hand you the matches. By Lisa Kleypas
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Sometimes on sets, I shut down, try to focus. By Peter Dinklage
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Anything. You want it, I got it in me to give it to you, you got anything from me. By Kristen Ashley
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I gave up a world for you. By Kristen Ashley
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Don't have much, but what I've got is yours, except of course my steel guitar. By Rod Stewart
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Holdfast the Dream By Tom Townsend
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My game is going wrong - the star is setting By Alberto Ascari
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But tonight, this is what I can give you. I can offer you the vault of heaven, the firmament of the stars in the sky, and me By Deirdre Riordan Hall
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When I was a carpenter, I built sets for small storefront Chicago companies. Like, I built sets for friends of mine at The House Theater. By Timothy Simons
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Forgiveness is the attribute of the stong. By J. Sterling
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Initiate. Complete. By Susan Dennard
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President Obama seems to understand the Constitution as a 'set of suggestions.' By David Mamet
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Kitty Meets the Band By Carrie Vaughn
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You and I have a score to By Anonymous
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Ten more minutes ticked By Rachel Hauck
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Category No. 3: Two aces with a low card. By Ray Zee
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It's fun to write your set list 20 minutes before and keep the crew very much on their toes. By Tori Amos
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The sky doesn't set so much as break apart. The horizon is brick-coloured. The rest of the sky is streaked with shock-red tendrils. By Lauren Oliver
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But I've gravitated more towards the drum set. By John Otto
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