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The more attractive and athletic the character depicted on the T-shirt, the less attractive and athletic the fan wearing it By Nev Fountain
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I'll use men's shirts, I love men's shirts, but you have to get them altered because they're shaped differently and I like them to be fitting. By Jackee Harry
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I'm a virgin.But this is an old shirt.--T-SHIRT By Darynda Jones
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So, ah, I'm not sure if you know this, but you're not wearing a shirt.""Distracting, isn't it? By Lisa Mcmann
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Been there done that, bought the t-shirt Chapter 2 By Jeff Lindsay
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And don't start thinking about that boy's shirt again, or one day you may find yourself laundering it. By Olga Grushin
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He had on a funny T-shirt, as usual. Today's featured acartoon figure running from a giant T. rex, and it read EXERCISE: SOME MOTIVATIONREQUIRED. By Rachel Caine
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I'm a T-shirt-and-Levi's type of a guy. By Norman Reedus
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Unthinkable clothing By D.h. Lawrence
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The shirt says; 'I bite.' You prick, not 'I blo By Antoinette Houston
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Where's my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It's my most capable-looking outfit! By Cher
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He's covered in fur. When the hell would he wear a shirt? By Aurora Rose Reynolds
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If I'm going to be on national T.V. without my shirt on, I've got to look good. By Chord Overstreet
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T-shirt lifts just enough so that you can see my midsection - you need something to dream about - and By Caroline Kepnes
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I wear Rick Owens T-shirts to bed. They are like my thermals, since I sleep with the room at near freezing temperatures, like a meat locker. By Vera Wang
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You can't fix stupid, but you can numb it was a 2 by 4.T-SHIRT By Darynda Jones
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How come, when people wear half shirts, it's always the top half? By Dana Gould
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I'm not some shy virginal college student who only owns one shirt. By Meg Cabot
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I love suits, but onstage it's too hot. So, I like a nice T-shirt! By Tiesto
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Been dead, done that got a fricken t-shirt By P.c. Cast
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When I wear the national team shirt, its sole contact with my skin makes it stand on an end. By Diego Maradona
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When you get to be a certain size as a man, all the shirts end up having giant dogs on them or things like that! By Ron Funches
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I'm kind of a jeans and T-shirt guy. By Kevin Dillon
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I wore that same shirt yesterday playing golf. There goes the Nike account. By Leslie Nielsen
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It makes me sad because I've never seen suchsuch beautiful shirts before. By F Scott Fitzgerald
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I'm more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. By Tara Reid
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Are you still taking orders for me-shirts?""I'll take one 'shoot me now' and one 'I'm with useless'. By Kevin Sylvester
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This shirt is dry clean only. Which means ... it's dirty. By Mitch Hedberg
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You never know when you're gonna need a green shirt By Dave Wright
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Gross. Feminists everywhere are outraged. If I were wearing a bra under this shirt, it'd be burning. By Lauren Michelle Smith
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I have a wardrobe full of expensive clothes, but wear the same two T-shirts. I've never found a look. By Juliet Stevenson
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I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. By Cameron Diaz
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Everywhere I go I buy new music shirts. By Shaun White
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Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of my productivity-T-SHIRT By Darynda Jones
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T-shirt with the slogan Officer, I Swear to Drunk I'm Not God. By Paul Levine
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If my shirt's off all the time on national TV, with 20 million people watching, I want to look my best. By Jesse Metcalfe
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I can see down your shirt By Stephanie Rowe
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I don't have a lot of time to surf the net and see what everyone's wearing. By Michael Pitt
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I wanted a T-shirt that says 'USA National Team'. It turned out to be a very smart decision. By Mark Warkentin
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I stop fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now. T-shirt By Darynda Jones
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There's a certain amount of one-way shirt swapping going on. By Adrian Chiles
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Why are you wearing a T-shirt under your other T-shirt?" Livvy asked."In case one of them is stolen," Marked said, as it were entirely normal. By Cassandra Clare
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The first thing I ever bought for myself was a green Lacoste shirt. By Mary-Louise Parker
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Anyone who has two shirts when someone has none is not a christian. By Lenny Bruce
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She was wearing her favorite UK T-shirt that read, I Bleed Blue. By Molly Harper
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I find that a shirt is most similar to a napkin when I don't have a napkin. By Demetri Martin
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I wanted to buy a T-shirt that read: I AM UNKNOWABLE. By Benjamin Alire Saenz
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T-shirts for ten dollars are even more fashion today than expensive fashion. By Karl Lagerfeld
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I have a lot of Breton striped top and silk shirts that always feel good. I also like things with a masculine edge and dislike anything too girly. By Jessica Raine
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Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they will remember the name on the back By Tony Adams
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Oh, come on. You know you want to see me with my shirt off. By Laura Howard
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I was wearing like, a Juicy Couture men's polo shirt. We weren't there, like, ready for war By Kanye West
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Sometimes I feel like putting on a blazer with just a T-shirt. By Big Sean
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Mostly every shirt and cover you see has come from my mind. By Charlie Benante
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The 2XL shirt was still too small, leaving an exposed band of pale skin muffining out of his jeans. By Michael J. Sullivan
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You're shirtless with the world's sweetest baby cuddled on those muscles. Put a shirt on, you beast, or I can't be held responsible for my actions. By Christina Lauren
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I'm not a big clothes person. By Courteney Cox
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Alex's T-shirt is red, and By Lauren Oliver
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I think a fragrance is more of a signature than even what you wear - something you'll remember more down the road than a shirt. By Ryan Reynolds
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I still have the shirt I wore my first time on Johnny Carson's show. Only now I use it as a tablecloth at dinner parties. It was very blousy. By Ellen Degeneres
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I keep spare business shirts. In case of emergencies." Emergencies? "Do you expect to have jizz on your shirt often? By N.r. Walker
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saw he'd been shot. His shirt . . By Caroline Carver
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Part of wearing a tee is saying, 'I'm comfortable and casual.' By Ryan Seacrest
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The whole point about T-shirts is you choose them in the morning according to your mood, like crystals, or aromatherapy oils. By Sophie Kinsella
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He removed his shirt, displaying his By Lana Cross
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I'm tight with Zack Ryder so I've had a Zack Ryder t-shirt for quite some time. By Josh Mathews
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I don't really like making too much of a statement with what I'm wearing. By Richard C. Armitage
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One thing's for sure, in the war between freedom and fear, our side is going to have better t-shirts. By Dave Winer
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I have to wear a new T-shirt every night. I throw them into the audience. One day I'm going to go around the world and reclaim all my T-shirts By Damon Albarn
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The 1960s was an era of big thoughts. And yet, amazingly, each of these thoughts could fit on a T-shirt. By P. J. O'rourke
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To customers, it's the shirt that matters, not where it's made. By Gautam Singhania
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My favorite shirt to sleep in is the one my birth mom was wearing when she died in my arms. Morbid for some perhaps but comforting to me. By Jillian Barberie
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My standard uniform is a T-shirt and jeans. By Matt Bomer
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She was wearing her T-shirt with the bull's-eye printed over her heart, the one that says, GO AHEAD AND TRY IT, BUFFY. By Dana Cameron
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That was some branch. Did it have a vendetta against your t-shirt?""Guess so.""I hope you showed it who is boss.""Yeah, I peed on it. By Stacey Marie Brown
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I'm a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. By Nicole Richie
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And tell me you didn't take him out in public today with that shirt on."We both look at Gavin's shirt that boldly states, "They shake me. By Tara Sivec
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I've always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. By Jason Mraz
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One thing I realize now is that you only advertise your beliefs with a t-shirt if you're seriously insecure. By Joe Hill
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What you wear doesn't really matter much. All that matters is where you're going what you're doing while you're wearing it. By J.a. Redmerski
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When I'm relaxed, jeans and a shirt are my uniform. By Monica Bellucci
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I have to be honest, I am a true jeans and t-shirt girl. By Emmanuelle Chriqui
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Ladies love a man with shirt off, so my shirt stays off By Soulja Boy
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And what's with the shirt? You think you're in Fiji?""It's like being on vactaion. all of the time. By Gerard Way
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It's not what you're wearing, it's the way you wear it. By Pharrell Williams
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Where can I get some tat? I'd like to trade it in. By Aaron Allston
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warm enough to be comfortable in only a shirt. "You look like By Tracey Alvarez
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The Hawaiian shirts fairly scream to be put on, By Maryrose Wood
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There's almost a T-shirt feeling to wearing my evening dresses. By Tadashi Shoji
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A kiss for a kiss.Your shirt for mine.Break my heart, I'll break yours. By Jolene Perry
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I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy it hurts ... By Ward Churchill
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tee that stretched taut against his powerful By Kate Meader
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Garments are our second skin, and the truer of the two for being the one we choose. By A.e. Marling
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Would you mind taking off your shirt? By Cristina Garcia
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The Classic Notting Hill junkie, i.e; Armani underwear, Pink's shirt and Burberry belt tourniquets By Tyne O'connell
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I can't wear thethe! I want my thtwipey oneth! By Diana Wynne Jones
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people; 'Manners like a creased polyester shirt By Nina George
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I like when a guy wears a T-shirt, and you can see a little curve of the muscle sticking out. That's sexy! By Jennifer Morrison
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I wanted to make the world's greatest football undershirt. But I realized that no team sport had equipment for apparel. Apparel was an afterthought. By Kevin Plank
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I put the bra in brand, and I top it! By Natalya Vorobyova
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