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Tell a man, he might understand; show a man, he will understand. By Matshona Dhliwayo
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I am a showman by profession ... and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me. By P.t. Barnum
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I'm not going to take a show unless I'm not sure I can do it. You have to have that sort of adrenaline. By Joe Johnston
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The secret of showmanship consists not of what you really do, but what the mystery-loving public thinks you do. By Harry Houdini
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It's very demeaning that we have to put on a show to prove that we know how to put on a show. By Lee Clow
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Don't show up to prove. Show up to improve. By Simon Sinek
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The art of life is to show your hand. By E. V. Lucas
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Holy freak show! By Becca Fitzpatrick
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Being performers, that's what we do: We put on shows and want people to watch. By Adrian Grenier
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I'm not a show-off; I'm not an exhibitionist. By Kelly Reilly
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If you didn't show me, I wouldn't stare. By Ratt
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I don't give concerts, I put on a show. By Liberace
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We perform the show for the people that are in the room and then that performance is theirs forever and ever. By Michael Urie
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I'd rather win than be a showman. By John Higgins
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Every once in a while, when the audience is expecting to see one thing, you have to show them something else. By Conrad Hall
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I'm afraid that if I show you everything at once, it will overwhelm you, and you'll run away. By Kiera Cass
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When all your energy gone! When you have nothing left! That's when it's show time! By Eric Thomas
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Prove that a real man doesn't make a show of what's his. It just is." "Is By Renee Ahdieh
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YOU CAN'T TELL UNLESS YOU SHOW FIRST ... Showing makes the telling more powerful because your senses and your mind are both engaged. By Pat Pattison
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I never show anything to anybody until I've finished it. By Irwin Shaw
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There's no need to tell me who you are; you're already showing me. By Steve Maraboli
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Get your popcorn ready, 'cause I'm gonna put on a show. By Terrell Owens
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Show the readers everything, tell them nothing. By Ernest Hemingway,
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Its called show business, not show art. By Jean Seberg
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The more you know, the more you can show By Olufemi Olumide
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What's so fascinating about people is what they don't show. People are masters at it; usually actors show too much. By Glenn Close
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Great art should be shown with great excitement. By Thomas Hoving
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exhibition. Lake Eden. By Nicholas Sparks
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Show me, I beg. There's By Sarina Bowen
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Wake up, show up. By Jeff Finley
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You only have a week to do a show. I mean, there's only so deep you can dig in that week. By David Hyde Pierce
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Its hard to show people everything, you know? You never know what they'll do with it once they have it. By Nick Burd
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It's important I deliver a great show and a good time. By Miranda Lambert
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I want to create shows which are interesting. I hope that some people are excited by some of the ideas. By Robin Ince
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What you reveal shows the essence of your teaching By Sunday Adelaja
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I keep showing decade after decade that I am a real performer. By Patti Labelle
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When I show a film at a festival, I am showing myself. Everything is at stake for me. By Lars Von Trier
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Splat. This one showed By Diana Gabaldon
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Art is first a seeing and then a revealing By Sheldon Vanauken
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I'm a show-off basically ... always have been. By Dolly Parton
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The goal of this presentation is to impress, rather than inform. By W. A. H. Rushton
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They make the greatest show of what they have done, who have done least. By Baltasar Gracian
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I have a very lively and colourful show. It's two hours of hits and the music speaks for itself. By Rod Stewart
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Ill show you a Sweet dream By Matsuri Hino
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The most beautiful thing that you can show people is how to reveal their own beauty to themselves. By Debasish Mridha
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bringing attention By Mark Henwick
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The Show Must Go On! By Queen
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Don't tell me what you're going to do, show me what you've done. By Smith
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It was a show. Everyone played their parts masterfully. By Nan Aron
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Show me all of you, Addison. The parts that no one else sees- show me. By Ella Frank
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In modern times, what impresses one is not a simple and unassuming statement of the truth, but superficial showmanship and display. By Nirmala Srivastava
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I don't like showboating. I was never a fan of showing off. By Daryl Hall
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I don't know how to do a show not in front of a live audience. By Bob Newhart
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Make me see" - perhaps the best thing we can hope to accomplish from an explanation. By Lee Lefever
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I only do a show when there's somebody I want to talk to. By Jerry Seinfeld
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I've been in this business for 40 years - you do a show, and you don't know what's going to come of it. By Randee Heller
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What we do and say and show really matters. By Christiane Amanpour
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breathtakingly lewd exhibition of modesty. By Viet Thanh Nguyen
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Sign this... and I'll show you By A.j. Hartley
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I don't like shows, I don't like to put on a show, I just really want to work intimately with my actors. By Sam Raimi
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Let me reveal or be revealed by yourself By Rabi'a Al-'Adawiyya
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Choose your audience... By Annoymous
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Or I'll show you. If that's what you want, Colby finished. By Roni Loren
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All you can do is show people ... You tell stories that are true and compelling. By Bruce Springsteen
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When you mean a show like this, you have to say to me a show exactly like this, the way it was done. By Werner Klemperer
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Let me show you ... if you dare. By Alaska Angelini
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Hey, pretty dancer. Think you could put on a private show for me? By Cora Graham
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You open the show with a bang, then don't come back on for 45 minutes. By Robert Goulet
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If you want to look you have to show. You know nothing, Jon Snow. By Anonymous
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A mediocre person tells. A good person explains. A superior person demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves. By Harvey Mackay
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Love will make you show your heart someday... By Louisa May Alcott
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Reveal art; conceal the artist. By Gustave Flaubert
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I'm a performer. By Craig Robinson
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Forget the audience, make what you want to see By Sofia Coppola
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Jah show every mon him hand, and Jah has show I mine. By Bob Marley
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Show me your Booty **** Oh Oh Oh Oh By Leandra Logan
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While choosing a fashion show, I take into consideration the designer and the collection. Then only I said yes to do a show. By Kangana Ranaut
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The art of fiction does not begin until the novelist thinks of his story as a matter to be shown, to be so exhibited that it will tell itself. By Percy Lubbock
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Forsake Reality and I'll Show you a Wonder By John Evans
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We do not tell - we show. We do not claim - we prove. By Ayn Rand
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Our work is to present things that are as they are. By Frederick The Great
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A magician reveals himself not only by the magic he presents but also by the respect and entertainment he gives to his audience. By Amit Kalantri
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Sometimes it's easier to show than it is to tell. By Paula Danziger
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Horrorshow is right, friend. A real show of horrors. By Anthony Burgess
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'Showboat' is the quintessential family show. By Harold Prince
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I am a showman in the traditional sense, but modern, too. I like to use sets and lighting to create magic. By Andre Rieu
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The task I'm trying to achieve, above all, is to make you see. By D.w. Griffith
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If you don't show, I'm likely to do something foolish, like throw myself at Aluc- By Victoria Schwab
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Teaching is a form of show business. By Steve Martin
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Our show proves that some pretty incredible things can happen when people come together. By Ty Pennington
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Tell the viewer something that they need to know. By Kay Walkingstick
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Let me show you how good I can make you feel. By M. Leighton
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People show you what they want you to see. You have to remember that. By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Like I'm in San Diego today and this is my hometown so I've got a lot of my friends coming and I definitely want to put on the best show that I can. By Matt Cameron
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The most important thing is presentation. By David Copperfield
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Life is not for show, but for real. By Mort Kondracke
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It is not always them that has the most that makes the most show. By Lady Gregory
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dance show. What'ya reckon, Dad?' The dance show that she may not have By Amanda Egan
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I put on the best live show, the absolute best live show I can possibly can. By Kesha
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X Games, it's an event but it's still ... it's a show. I try to put on the best show possible, ... I'm thrilled. This is awesome. By Travis Pastrana
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