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What did you talk By John Grisham
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Language creates reality. Words have power. Speak always to create joy. By Deepak Chopra
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People don't hear me talk. They don't expect me to. By Kate Moss
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What can I say? I'm a talker. By Conor Mcgregor
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Speak with intent so that you can lead with vision. By Paul Larsen
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The first rule for speaking well is to think well. By Anne-Therese De Marguenat De Courcelles
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Public speaking? I speak to myself on the street! By Eliot Spitzer
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YOUR speech is simple, my Master, but not theirs who talk of you. By Rabindranath Tagore
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speak from heart to get heard by heart. By Deepak Burfiwala
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Listening is more important than talking. Just hit your mark and believe what you say. Just listen to people and react to what they are saying. By Jimmy Fallon
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On speaking: first, have something to say; second, say it; third, stop when you have said it; and finally give it an accurate title. By John Shaw Billings
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Speak only endearing speech, speech that is welcomed. Speech, when it brings no evil to others, is pleasant. By Gautama Buddha
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You think you may not be heard. Speak anyway. By Maya Angelou
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Speech is for the convenience of those who are hard of hearing; but there are many fine things which we cannot say if we have to shout. By Henry David Thoreau
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Raise your words, not your voice. By Rumi
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Speak only that which will bring you honor. By Guru Nanak
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Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say. By Rosemary Crossley
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The way you speak to others can offer them joy, happiness, self-confidence, hope, trust, and enlightenment. Mindful speaking is a deep practice. By Nhat Hanh
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Speak your mind, even though your voice shakes. By Maggie Kuhn
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Each of us has a tongue and a voice. These instruments of speech can be used destructively or employed constructively. By Billy Graham
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And speak to people good [words] By Quran 2 83
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I'm a thinker not a talker. By David Bowie
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I speak to you. You speak to me. Is that fragile? By Muriel Rukeyser
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If you don't speak then you are not heard, and if you are not heard then you don't really exist By Anuranjita Kumar
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What passes out of one's mouth passes into a hundred ears. It is a great misfortune not to have sense enough to speak well. By Desiderius Erasmus
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Speak now before it is too late, and then hope to go on speaking until there is nothing more to be said. By Paul Auster
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No one can speak well, unless he thoroughly understands his subject. By Marcus Tullius Cicero
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If you cannot understand me in my speech, how can you understand me in my silence? By Ravi Zacharias
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Those who speak know nothing. Those who know are silent. By Cristina Garcia
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How do I learn to speakwhen silence is all I know? By Susie Clevenger
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I do not speak. I smoke. Throat tight, as if fingers are squeezing it. By Marina Tsvetaeva
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Don't speak unless you can improve the silence. By Anonymous
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I will begin to speak, when I have that to say which had not better be unsaid. By Cato The Younger
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My mouth only does one thing well, and talking's not it. By Melissa Cutler
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I speak as I must and cannot be silent. By Joanne Harris
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Before I speak, I have something important to say. By Groucho Marx
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Is it better to speak or die? By Andre Aciman
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Do your own thing. Speak in your voice. By Dylan Moran
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Conversation takes practice; the more we do it, the better we get, and the more easily we do it. By Susan Roane
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We don't talk, we hold forth. We don't converse, we expound. By J.d. Salinger
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And remember: speak least if you would be most often heard. By Patrick Rothfuss
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Speak in your own voice about the things that matter to you. By Marty Rubin
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Silence is also a form of speaking. By Herta Muller
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Speak it till you reach it! By Michelle Cook-Hall
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If we want to be heard we must speak in a language the listener can understand and on a level at which the listener is capable of operating. By M. Scott Peck
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It's no use of talking unless people understand what you say. By Zora Neale Hurston
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Remember this: a story that must be told never forgives silence. Speech is the mouth's debt to a story. By Okey Ndibe
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Beware of speaking too much, for it increases mistakes and engenders boredom. By Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.s
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Silence is an ocean. Speech is a river. When the ocean is searching for you, don't walk into the river. Listen to the ocean. By Rumi
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Speech is the voice of the heart. By Anna Quindlen
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I don't speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent. By Abraham Isaac Kook
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If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk. By Robert Baden-Powell
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Let us say what we feel, and feel what we say; let speech harmonize with life. By Seneca.
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I don't speak just so I can be heard; I speak only when I find it absolutely necessary to do so. By Elizabeth Johnson
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Language most shews a man: Speak, that I may see thee. By Ben Jonson
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Speech is human, silence is divine, yet also brutish and dead: therefore we must learn both arts. By Thomas Carlyle
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I don't speak particularly well. That's one of the consequences of being extremely ugly. By Chris Martin
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When you have the grace speak, declare sacred-utterances. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Speak with the language of love. By Rumi
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Speech is the birthright of every child. It is the deaf child's one fair chance to keep in touch with his fellows. By Helen Keller
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When we want to talk, we can instead listen, and let our attentiveness to another's need to speak be our silent statement. By Bryant Mcgill
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speak hard, steal the air. By Anne Mccaffrey
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Talk helps shape one's thoughts. By David Mccullough
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We cannot be speakers who do not listen. But neither can we be listeners who do not speak. By Mahatma Gandhi
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Live loud enough in your heart and there is no need to speak. By Mark Nepo
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Be a craftsman in speech that thou mayest be strong, for the strength of one is the tongue, and speech is mightier than all fighting. By Ptahhotep
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Only speak words that make souls stronger. By Ann Voskamp
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Speak but little and well, if you would be esteemed as a man of merit. By Richard Chenevix Trench
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I am the youngest of 14 children, so I rarely got a chance to speak. If I have an opportunity for talking, I talk By Celine Dion
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If you are given only one opportunity to speak, be certain your voice is heard. By Elizabeth Gilbert
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Those who speak do not know.Those who know do not speak. By Lao-Tzu
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Silence is the best language to speak in when you have lots of things to say. By Suman Pokhrel
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When you talk, use words that inspire you and others. By Debasish Mridha
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It's been a moment since I've done some public speaking. I find now-a-days it's best to keep quiet. By Drake
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I grow silent. Dear soul, you speak. By Rumi
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Speech happens to not be his language. By Madame De Stael
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LISTEN twice as much as you speak. By John C. Maxwell
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Language exists only when it is listened to as well as spoken. The hearer is an indispensable partner. By John Dewey
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Talking doesn't get your point across but listening does. By Debasish Mridha
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I talk by playing, not by words. By Bernie Worrell
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Let soul speak with the silent articulation of a face. By Rumi
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There's no reason to speak. I have nothing to say. By Julie Anne Peters
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Speech is a very important aspect of being human. A whisper doesn't cut it. By James Earl Jones
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I don't talk. I just let what I do talk for myself. By Johan Santana
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People talk a lot but they rarely say anything. By Sandra Chami Kassis
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Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. By Rumi
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Speech is the small change of silence. By George Meredith
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I don't talk things, sir. I talk the meaning of things. By Ray Bradbury
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I like very little to talk. There are many things I cannot say, I can only feel them and dance them. By Micaela Flores Amaya
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If you hear I will speak but if you listen I will talk. By Pushpa Rana
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I am so full of my tongue you would think speaking is easy. but it is not. By Nayyirah Waheed
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If you can't talk sense, don't talk at all. By Leif Enger
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One thing talk can't accomplish is communication. This is because everybody's talking too much to pay attention to what anyone is saying By P. J. O'rourke
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Anyone can talk, but to listen is a gift, we should all exchange By J. Benson
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I speak the language of television. By Randy Falco
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Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for his competitors, for it is that which all are practising every day while they live. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I write to say what I cannot speak By Ben Mitchell
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Say the first word. Set the tone for the conversation. Be poised, prepared, and ready to say the first word in any debate or meeting. By Gloria Feldt
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Those who don't know speak...Those who really know, don't speak!!!! By Kre Kre
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