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It smelled delicious but tasted of jealousy. By Katie Graykowski
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a certain stink on a certain kind of soul, a foul scent of hateful smallness too often thwarted . . . then given an ounce of power. By Cherie Priest
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Hide not thy poison with such sugar'd words By William Shakespeare
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Clear and sweet is my soul ... and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul. Lack By Walt Whitman
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The cause of a wrong taste is a defect of judgment. By Edmund Burke
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I have an acute sense of delicacy. Naturally I am prejudiced in favour of virtue.("The Accursed Cordonnier") By Bernard Capes
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I don't trust people with empty-stomach breath to tell me what taste is. By Tracie Egan
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True delicacy, that most beautiful heart-leaf of humanity, exhibits itself most significantly in little things. By Mary Howitt
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What is sour in the house a bracing walk in the woods makes sweet. By Henry David Thoreau
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Tea tasted the best at its second pouring. A By Anchee Min
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It smells green, the way a leaf does when you tear it in half. By Veronica Roth
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Frightfully pale and perpetually odd By Sue Perkins
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A good taste is often unconscious; a just taste is always conscious. By Anna Brownell Jameson
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Let your condiments be in the condition of your senses. By Henry David Thoreau
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Soul of fibre and heart of oak. By Miguel De Cervantes
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Taste is a result of a thousand distastes. By Francois Truffaut
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Sweet pulp and sour skin -Or was it sweet outside, and sour within? By Tony Harrison
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with my nicely butter-laminated dough. It was, as expected, perfect. I marveled again at the way someone as strong as Tarry could so carefully By Elizabeth A. Reeves
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True eloquence has an edge, sharp and clean. By Terry Tempest Williams
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Taste is the most unexplored sense By Matteo Ferrara
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Ingrateful man with liquorish draughts, and morsels unctuous, greases his pure mind that from it all consideration slips. By William Shakespeare
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My dear Tartini, one's life is so sweet and precious that even honey tastes like salt in comparison! By Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. By Stephen Covey
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Power. Intoxicating. Like a fine wine. By Cornelia Funke
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Many shadows hide behind light, and the best lies are those seasoned liberally with truth: salt covering the flavor of rotten meat. By Brent Weeks
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Every silver spoon is tarnished. By Beverley Sylvester
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The differences between a tart, a pie and a quiche are a blur. By Yotam Ottolenghi
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Virtue is like precious odours, most fragrant when it is crushed. By Emmuska Orczy
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The soul of sweet delight, can never be defiled. By William Blake
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True delicacy is not a fragile thing. By James Broughton
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Taste ... is a matter of taste (Tad Allagash) By Jay Mcinerney
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The thick plottens. By Lev Grossman
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It is complete loose stool water. It is arse-gravy of the worst kind. - About The Da Vinci Code By Stephen Fry
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Bond loathed and despised tea, that flat, soft, time-wasting opium of the masses, By Ian Fleming
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Taste is, so to speak, the microscope of the judgment. By Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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Hunger is the best seasoning. By Anthony Ryan
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Thy breath is like the steame of apple-pyes. By Robert Greene
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The art of our necessities is strangeThat can make vile things precious. By William Shakespeare
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Taste consists in the power of judging; genius in the power of executing. By Hugh Blair
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Of the smells, bread; of the tastes, salt. By George Herbert
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Expertness of taste is at once the result and reward of constant exercise of thinking. By John Dewey
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Taste, that eternal wanderer, which fliesFrom head to ears, and now from ears to eyes. By Alexander Pope
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Damn it, it wasn't quite fresh enough! By H.p. Lovecraft
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When HOLINESS loses its sweetness it is a fierce thing to come in contact with. By Frank Bartleman
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Good taste, the last and vilest of human superstitions, has succeeded in silencing us where all the rest has failed. By G.k. Chesterton
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The sweetest pleasures soonest cloy, And its best flavour temperance gives to joy. By Juvenal
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Fat gives things flavor. By Julia Child
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pedigree whose odor even the forest of air-freshener trees he'd hung from the mirror couldn't mask. By Ransom Riggs
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I guess trick, Delicious. I am flat out of sweetness. By Piper Kerman
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Delicacy in woman is strength. By Georg C. Lichtenberg
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Why does the forbidden always add that edge of sweetness? By Robin Hobb
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Forbidden fruit tastes sweet, but its aftertaste is bitter. By John F. Kennedy
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Taste is a matter of taste. By Jay Mcinerney
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Not prettiness, mind you, whose nature is trite, but beauty, which sinks to the depths By Kanan Makiya
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My trews may be soft, lass, he thoughts, but what's in them isn't. By Karen Marie Moning
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I burn, I freeze; I am never warm. I am rigid; I forgot softness because it did not serve me. By Catherynne M Valente
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The taste of the finely-worded truth rolled upon the tongue as its thought is revolved in the mind. By William Francis Henry King
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To loathe the taste of sweetness, whereof little more than a little is by much too much. By William Shakespeare
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Troubles cured you salty as a country ham, smoky to the taste, thick-skinned and tender inside. By Marge Piercy
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Nothing pleases which is not freshened by variety. By Publilius Syrus
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The eating. By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece ... By Miguel De Cervantes
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Tis the taste of effeminacy that disrelishes ordinary and accustomed things. By Michel De Montaigne
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Caught between the tongue and the taste. By Anne Carson
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How sharper than a serpent's tooth is an awakening without tea! By Kyril Bonfiglioli
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grotesque countenance By Graham Downs
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It tastes like life.""What?""Rotten and strange and rich and way, way too strong>strongstrong>. By Adam Gidwitz
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No crust so tough as the grudged bread of dependence. By Fanny Fern
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Taste classifies, and it classifies the classifier By Pierre Bourdieu
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Hard toil can roughen form and face, And want call quench the eye's bright grace. By Walter Scott
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Pre-Digested', that almost By E.r. Punshon
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Coffee was overtrained and the sandwich was as full of rich flavor as a piece torn off an old shirt. By Raymond Chandler
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She tasted of fairytales By Laini Taylor
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Shame on all eloquence which leaves us with a taste for itself and not for its substance. By Michel De Montaigne
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Delicacy is to love what grace is to beauty. By Francoise D'aubigne, Marquise De Maintenon
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Tea - that perfume that one drinks, that connecting hyphen ... By Natalie Clifford Barney
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Lack of potatoes left a person's stomach growling, but absence of beauty hardened the soul. By Kate Morton
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Coquetry, it's a triumph of the spirit over the senses. By Coco Chanel
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A taste older than meat, older than wine. A taste as old as cold water. By Lawrence Durrell
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Tis a meaner part of sense to find a fault than taste an excellence. By John Wilmot
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Clarity in my cup. Transparency of my soul. Lucidity of myself. Elixir of the ages. Tea makes us all sages. By Dharlene Marie Fahl
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It had a sort of mixed flavor of cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffy and hot buttered toast By Lewis Carroll
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And when you are hungry, effective beats sport all hollow. By Frank Roderus
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that weird sour body odor only monsters have, like a skunk that's been living off Mexican food. Grover By Rick Riordan
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Fruit free of any bruises, not yet broken open, / With flesh so firm and smooth, it cried out to be eaten! By Charles Baudelaire
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Sour cream! He had tasted it once and liked to puke. By Stephen King
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The greatest grossness sometimes accompanies the greatest refinement, as a natural relief. By William Hazlitt
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The taint of arrogance will I not know ... By Walter Russell
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Poison is seldom taken in the gross; but, if mingled with food, the mischief is not suspected until it is discovered by the effect. By John Newton
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Not sweet like fruits, the heart of a maiden is a little sour. By Bunjuro Nakayama
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The smell of perfume left behind. There's not a word for that in English, but Colin knew the French word: sillage. By John Green
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With his mouth open, he gave off that alcoholic smell that you get from an old brandy cask when you take out the bung. By Emile Zola
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"There is no disputing about tastes," says the old saw. In my experience there is little else. By Robertson Davies
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What neat repast shall feast us, light and choice, Of Attic taste? By John Milton
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I understand that absinthe makes the tart grow fonder. By Ernest Dowson
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The heart hath treble wrongWhen it is barr'd the aidance of the tongue. By William Shakespeare
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What drink'st thou oft, instead of homage sweet, But poisoned flattery? By William Shakespeare
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Rotten like fish eyes in a barrel. By Keller Yeats
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Beauty isn't made of sugar. By Diana Wynne Jones
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Wit - the salt with which the American humorist spoils his intellectual cookery by leaving it out. By Ambrose Bierce
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The comfort of browning butter and the excitement of lemon zest. By Sarah Addison Allen
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