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Holmes, I'm a 24 year old prude. By Laurie R. King
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I want my first son to be called 'Tommy.' It will sound great, Tommy Tomlinson By Louis Tomlinson
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There's earth under his old feet, and clay on his fingers; wisdom in his bones, and both his eyes are open,' said Tom. It By J.r.r. Tolkien
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Katharine: I can't keep up with you!Tom: I don't want you to keep up. I love you for yourself.- Death on the Family Tree By Patricia Sprinkle
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If there was ever someone to look up to, it's Tom Hanks. By John Krasinski
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Where Jack isn't safe, Tom's in danger. By George Eliot
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Chris and I care about each other and we're still friends. Tom is the most incredible man in the world. By Katie Holmes
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Confused and fearful as he was, this one thing Tom knew for certain. No man ever took another man's balls in his mouth to mock him. By Jez Morrow
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Like the rest of us, Tom Paulin is a bundle of contradictions. At its finest, his work is brave, adventurous, original and wonderfully idiosyncratic. By Terry Eagleton
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Thomas? I think I'm going to need a bigger gun. By Seanan Mcguire
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Tom Sawyer said I was a numskull. By Mark Twain
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Something always turned up. That was Tom's philosophy. By Patricia Highsmith
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Hello," he said. "Tom?" A whoop of joy. "Alice, where are you? Are you all right?" "Never better, Tom. And you? By Mary Higgins Clark
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At the front door I see Tommy, a dark, unhappy shape in the middle of the sunny afternoon. We match, I think. But we don't go together. By Amanda Maciel
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Tom is trying to tag a banshee? By himself? Go for it, coffin bait. By Kim Harrison
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Ethan Sullivan, registered smart-ass By Chloe Neill
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But good Lord, how could Tom possibly keep the interest of a woman who spoke six languages? He barely spoke one. You By Elizabeth Hunter
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I hate you! I hate you!" Hester was yelling"Well I care about you, whether you like it or not!" Tom screamed. By Philip Reeve
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psychologist Timothy By Malcolm Gladwell
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Obviously, I'm kind of loyal to Tom [Welling] because that's who I work with so to me he's my Superman. By Erica Durance
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A 'T' for Tess, a 'T' for Toby. By C.j. Duggan
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Tom's cowardice was as huge as his courage, as it must be in great men. By John Steinbeck
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Tom was deep in MEGO by then. My Eyes Glaze Over. Normally, he was fascinated by matters statistic, but look up "fascination" someday. By Michael Flynn
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It is nearly two o'clock in the morning, and Tom Bolan is ass-over-head, military-grade, wearing-more-booze-than-he's-ingesting drunk. By Robert Jackson Bennett
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I'm a bit of a Doubting Thomas - always worrying about things. By Kristin Scott Thomas
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Thomas was my true name but everyone knew me as Mick, except my mother, who knew me as definitely Michael. By Thomas Keneally
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Oh, don't hurt me!" cried Tom. "I only want to look at you; you are so handsome. By Charles Kingsley
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Other blokes might take advantage, but to Tom, the idea of honor was a kind of antidote to some of the things he'd lived through. By M.l. Stedman
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My name's Sean, Jem. I'm Sean. By J.a. Belfield
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Tom's contemptuous conception of a girl included the attribute of being unfit to walk in dirty places. By George Eliot
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- Tommy Tomlinson When By Chris Tomlinson
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Pete's voice. "You By Catherine Ryan Hyde
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I am known by many names, but you may call me...Tim. By Graham Chapman
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minute. Eliza called out after Thomas, "Thank you, Tom! By Jodi Daynard
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Tom and I will always be in our honeymoon phase. By Katie Holmes
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'Seriously, I'm going to kill you,' Tom told him, then muttered, 'If I can't hide the body well enough, it will so be worth it going to jail.' By S.e. Jakes
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Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors of all time. By Ezra Koenig
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Have a drink Tom and then you won't feel so foolish to yourself. By F Scott Fitzgerald
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What she needs,' Tom said aloud 'is a husband.' Agnes said crisply, 'Well, she can't have mine. By Ken Follett
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My dear Tom,Delighted to get your letter. Do write again. This life is terrible and I don't understand how it can be endured. By Samuel Beckett
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Don't ask me who my favourite monster was because I'm sick of saying Tom Baker. By Lalla Ward
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He is intriguing, I may love him...-Tomris, October 1942, p. 322. By A. Yavuz Oruc
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Kiss me," she said. "Tom, kiss me. By James Dashner
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Girls are so much nicer than men (apart from Tom-but homosexual). By Helen Fielding
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Thomas is 'crazy as a sprayed roach' when you make him mad, but he has a heart as big as Texas too. By Christina Mobley
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I love Tom Cruise. When Penelope Cruz is through with him, I'm next. By Christina Aguilera
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Tommy!" He didn't know why he hadn't wanted Prophet to call him that. Now, he didn't want Prophet to call him anything else. By S.e. Jakes
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Tom Jones is like igloo-cool. By
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He had to live out the entirety of his life as Dalton Prestwick. It was really a worse fate than anything Tom could inflict on him. By S.j. Kincaid
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All these rumors about [Tom Cruise] being gay. I don't believe it. I don't believe it for one minute. He hasn't been to one of my shows. By Bette Midler
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Tom Carnegie will never be replaced. By Mario Andretti
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I don't need to be Tom Cruise. I just need to work forever. By Jodie Foster
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Thomas, I can pull down you're pants and point you downwind, but even with the Lord's help I can't pee for you. By Bernard Cornwell
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Thank you for tearing Tim into small Tim bits. By Patricia Briggs
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When she's gone, Tom dares to look at Sam and then the ultrasound photo again. You've fathered the elephant man. Someone has to tell her. By Melina Marchetta
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Too many stories. Not enough Tim. By Timothy Trimble
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Only. Ever. You. Jaxon Trent. By Penelope Douglas
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Ah, man, if I could ever hook up with Tom Waits, I'd be the happiest camper in Yellowstone, alright? That's the one guy. By Al Jourgensen
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Tom Cruise, he's a lot more famous than me. By David Beckham
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Tom Jr. was steeped in Free Soil politics and was now chief justice of the Kansas State Supreme Court. By Robert L. O'connell
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But I felt that Tom would drift on forever seeking, a little wistfully, for the dramatic turbulence of some irrecoverable football game By F Scott Fitzgerald
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I'd love to work with Tom Cruise. By Billy Unger
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About Tommy, you went through your whole life craving these little pockets of time and missing them for more time than you had them. By Lily Gardner
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vision, making his father's face seem to fade from sight. The heavy weight of his father's head grew lighter. Tom tried By Adam Blade
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While everyone else is in the spa, im gonna shower because im Tom Daley By Tom Daley
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Nobody becomes Tom Wolfe overnight, not even Tom Wolfe. By William Zinsser
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Cooper fell back onto his back. Jesus, Tom. Don't ask me to marry you when I'm mad. Fuck. By N.r. Walker
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I was never the best-looking guy; I was never the Tom Cruise-looking guy. By Craig Sheffer
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Tom did play hookey, and By Mark Twain
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There's a lot of letters in Ladanian Tomlinson By John Madden
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My life only began the day I was apprenticed to Tom Ward. - Jenny, in her diary By Joseph Delaney
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I'm disappointed in you Tom Brady By Jerome Bettis
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My name may be Thom Yorke, but only I can call me Thom Yorke. By Thom Yorke
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. By Veronica Roth
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I have no TV, thank God. I haven't heard anything about Tom Cruise, except that he had a baby, I think. By Emmanuelle Beart
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Julian: She's very strong, you know. Much too good for you.Tom: I know. But she's a thousand times too good for you. By L.j.smith
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Look," I said. "Me and the island are . . . kind of partners." "Oh, right," Thomas said. He looked at Karrin and said, "Harry's a geosexual. By Jim Butcher
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R.I.P.Tom Conlon O'Rourke.Not Dead, just Sleeping. By Spike Milligan
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Do ya, now?Jaxson Ryan By T.l. Alexander
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I believe I'm done for," said Tom. "The cussed sneaking dog, to leave me to die alone! My poor old mother always told me 'twould be so. By Harriet Beecher Stowe
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Tom Bosley may have passed, but through that part and that character, a part of him will live on forever. By Scott Baio
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StocktontoMalone By Hot Rod Hundley
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Old Tom Bombadil water-lilies bringing Comes hopping home again. Can you hear him singing? By J.r.r. Tolkien
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Right now, Prophet was all goddamned his, all here and present in the moment, and Tom planned to keep it that way. Quickly, By S.e. Jakes
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Holmes, you have an answer to everything By Arthur Conan Doyle
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Leaving is never easy," said Tom. "Even when you know you have to go. By Jonathan Maberry
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I hope his sword is quicker than his wits. The day may come that Tommen has some need of it. By George R R Martin
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Tom Tom Club has a whole different attitude and approach, not just musically but in performance. Some people said they liked it. By Tina Weymouth
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Lije . . . yeah, that's it, baby . . . God, fuck . . ." And then Tom came, spurred on by Prophet's climax, dragged along for the ride. By S.e. Jakes
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I've been a little sad that so many girls love Tommy so much. Hello!?! Tommy Hazard and Prince Charming - neither one exists! By E. Lockhart
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His voice made me want to take my pants off. Claire By Tara Sivec
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Michael Tomlinson's music truly explores the issues of the heart. By James Redfield
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I hated the place, Tommy. I hated every second of every day. And it was all ... your ... fault! By James Dashner
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Eliza, my pancreas. By Tiffanie Debartolo
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I don't really have aspirations to be Tom Hanks. By Will Ferrell
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Amen, sister, ... All apologies to Tom Cruise. By Libba Bray
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My grandfather was like Australia's Tom Jones. By Conrad Sewell
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And when the middle of the afternoon came, from being a poor poverty-stricken boy in the morning, Tom was literally rolling in wealth. By Mark Twain
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Tom gave up the brush with reluctance in his face, but alacrity in his heart. By Mark Twain
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