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I find the single most valuable tool in my darkroom is my trash can By John Sexton
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When working on a project, if you put away a tool that you're certain you're finished with, you will need it instantly. By Arthur Bloch
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an arsenal of serious tools that needed to be sworn at to work properly. By C. Bard Cole
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The toolmakers had been remade by their own tools. By Arthur C. Clarke
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I can use most of the tools that every American teenager can master. Maybe not all of them. By Rand Paul
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The most overrated tool: a pasta maker. Why make it when you can buy it? It's a lot of work! By Ina Garten
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The Lost Tools of Learning"). By Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
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The value of a well-made and well-used tool lies not only in what it produces for us but what it produces in us. By Nicholas Carr
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In this section you will learn how to use the tools the way that I think you will choose to use them by default. By Alan Richardson
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Here was a chimpanzee using a tool... That was object modification-- the crude beginning of tool making. By Jane Goodall
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So I have the classic amateur's technique; I know some very tricky bits and I have large gaping holes. By Bill Bruford
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First we build the tools, then they build us. By Marshall Mcluhan
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We find only one tool, neither created nor invented, but perfect: the hand of man. By Julio Ramon Ribeyro
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An architect's most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board and a wrecking ball at the site. By Frank Lloyd Wright
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I'm just a tool, I'm just a big, hard tool. By Robert Pattinson
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The tools I learned photographing celebrities, now I want to use them to sell ideas. By David Lachapelle
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Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right. By Ani Difranco
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Often the best tool is the most dangerous. One doesn't hesitate to use it on that account; one merely makes sure to take adequate precautions. By Diana Gabaldon
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The perfect tools aren't going to help us if we can't face each other and give and receive fearlessly, but more important, to ask without shame. By Amanda Palmer
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The tools belong to the man who can use them. By Napoleon Bonaparte
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We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us. By Marshall Mcluhan
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Crafting, as the title suggests, By Harbor City Apps
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I check the list. Rubber tubing, gas, saw, gloves, cuffs, razor wire, hatchet, Gladys, and my mitts. By Frank Miller
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If I couldn't do it, then I'd be defeated. I've got the tools to do it. I never did question my tools. By Billy Higgins
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The best design tool is a long eraser with a pencil at one end. By Marty Neumeier
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We are shaped by our tools. By Sherry Turkle
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I trained as a stage actor and was given a lot of technical tools to play with. By Alan Tudyk
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Well I think effects are tools. By Guillermo Del Toro
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Let me not forget the use of my own hands, that of a craftsman with eyes ... that reflect the technology around me. By Alexander Mcqueen
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My own experience has been that the tools I need for my trade are paper, tobacco, food, and a little whisky. By William Faulkner
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Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created. By Werner Heisenberg
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You made tools of us. Have you never considered: the thing of a tool is that anyone may use it. By Erin Bow
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The enjoyment of one's tools is an essential ingredient of successful work. By Donald Knuth
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My tools, my medium, include pictures and live actors. By Gavin Hood
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I grew up among farmers in Illinois and so you always have to have the tools you might need in the eventuality of a flat tire or a broken window. By Nick Offerman
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Journalism is one set of tools - one toolkit I have. One vocabulary, one lens. By Michael Pollan
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Duct tape. Perfect weapon; so many uses. By Taylor Stevens
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I'm quite handy with a screwdriver. I like making and fixing things. By Raza Jaffrey
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Tools refer to one another to finally refer to our care for existing. In turning on a bathroom switch, we open up the entire ontological problem By Emmanuel Levinas
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When you see somebody actually be able to channel that into an accessible, beautiful tool, you start to see the craftsman behind it. By David Gordon Green
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To create different work, one needs new tools and materials By Natasha Tsakos
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If your only tool is a hammer, all your problems will be nails. By Anonymous
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A tool is usually more simple than a machine; it is generally used with the hand, whilst a machine is frequently moved by animal or steam power. By Charles Babbage
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I collect my tools: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, intellect. Night has fallen ... By Nikos Kazantzakis
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If your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. By Mark Twain
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First we shape our tools, thereafter they shape us By Marshall Mcluhan
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Language is the tool of the tools By Lev S. Vygotsky
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I'm not hugely technical with things, but I guess that the thing I use most is my iPhone, on a practical level. By Matt Smith
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It's a weapon, I understand?""In the wrong hands, all tools are weapons. In the right hands, everything is a weapon, or nothing is. By Neil Gaiman
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A light to guide, a rod To check the erring, and reprove. By William Wordsworth
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The implements to him who can handle them. By Napoleon Bonaparte
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Scissors! Scissors! Have ye got yer ane scissors?? Are ye deaf?? By Neil Gaiman
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A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine shop. By Robert Hughes
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Tools exist for only one reason: to force the universe into unnatural shapes. By Peter Watts
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Photography is the first art wherein the tool does most of the work. By John Updike
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Create instructions or a visual diagram for something that normally wouldn't need them. By Noah Scalin
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The only tool your pussy needs is my tongue. It's here whenever you want it, and it works in a "VARIETY" of ways. By Whitney Gracia Williams
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All you need is a [insert plant], some [insert stick / rock / animal feces], and a good multitool. By Les Stroud
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When our tools are broken, we feel broken. And when somebody fixes one, we feel a tiny bit more whole. By Jonathan Ive
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Show me your knife.' Man don't got a knife, I got no use for him - it's the universal tool. By David Wong
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Don't throw a monkey-wrench into the machinery. By Philander Chase Johnson
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The tool user, provided the tool is made well, need not, and indeed should not, know anything about the tool. By Peter Drucker
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bradawl. It was just a blunt steel spike set into a handle. By Lee Child
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You have a drawer full of dull butter knives and an old pair of kitchen shears. You are hardly armed to the teeth. By Kingfisher Pink
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If my only tool is a hammer, then every problem is a nail. By Sholem Asch
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You're building a tool, not a piece of art. Don't be blinded by the vision. By Andrew Mason
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No amount of tools can help a bad product. You have to remain genuine in your product development innovation and quality. By Kara Swisher
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I work with things left over from other things. By Julian Schnabel
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When we create an artifact such as a tool, we leave a physical trace of our thoughts" (Hauser 2000:22) By David B. Givens
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Interestingly one aspect of a designed tool is that it will inevitably be used in ways which were not anticipated by the designer. By Ros Sutherland
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hand-crank sieve. By Michael Kaye
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The point is not how we use a tool, but how it uses us. By Nick Joaquin
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There were the garden shears, the knitting needles; the world is full of weapons if you're looking for them. I should have paid attention By Margaret Atwood
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Staplers--- Excellent source of iron By Rick Riordan
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We have tools at our disposal to use or not to use ... it's a choice. By Lisa A. Mininni
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Using these toolkits is like trying to make a bookshelf out of mashed potatoes. By Jamie Zawinski
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If your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail. By Abraham H. Maslow
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A library is an adjustable wrench for opening the head. By Matthew Tobin Anderson
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You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site. By Frank Lloyd Wright
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Artistry is in how you apply the tool; genius is knowing when to lift it. By Euphrates Arnaut Moss
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Have thy tools ready. God will find thee work. By Charles Kingsley
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Logging is most dangerous if you're impatient; saws and axes, peavys and cant dogs - these tools belong in patient hands. By John Irving
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Any tool should be useful in the expected way, but a truly great tool lends itself to uses you never expected. By Eric S. Raymond
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Coffee, creativity, keyboard. The plot thickens. By William Blackwell
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When the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail. By Abraham H. Maslow
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Tools must be changed if they are unable to evolve By Addy Osmani
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I just saw metal as another tool for me to use. By Daisy Berkowitz
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I've never used a screwdriver, he By Nora Roberts
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I get very involved with my things, and they are not standard equipment. By Iris Apfel
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Cut out doors and windows for the house. The holes make it useful. By Laozi
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A fecking flamethrower! Why didn't I think of that? Best I came up with was a measly hair dryer. By Karen Marie Moning
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I refer to my hands, feet and body as the tools of the trade. The hands and feet must be sharpened and improved daily to be efficient. By Bruce Lee
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Needless to say, I'll be buying my Irwin Tools at Lowe's. By Jamie Mcmurray
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The hand in the eye is the ultimate tool. By Randy Sanders
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I have a pro tools rig that I carry in my backpack. By
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What I'm interested in are tools that can assist people to do the things they're really good at. By Pete Cashmore
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I build engines and attach wheels to them. By Enzo Ferrari
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#3 pencils and quadrille pads.(when asked what CAD tools he used to design the Cray I supercomputer ) By Seymour Cray
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I use the computer as a paintbrush. It enables me to do in hours what would have taken months. By Leon Max
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When you build what you need, you can also assess the quality of what you make quickly and directly, instead of by proxy. Mary By Jason Fried
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