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No, this is not a disentanglement from, but a progressive knotting into -- By Thomas Pynchon
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Unbinding the Heart means to really look at the areas in our lives where we withhold our own love from our self and others. By Agapi Stassinopoulos
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Go off, I discard you. Let By William Shakespeare
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I shall unlearn feeling,unlearn my gift. That is greaterand harder than what passes there for life. By Derek Walcott
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The process of unlearning in order to relearn demands a new concept of knowledge not as thing but as a process, not as a noun but as a verb. By Cathy Davidson
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Unmute it. Stun me with your brilliance." Patrick By Leta Blake
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I release you. I evict you from my heart. Because if I don't do it now, I never will. By Jenny Han
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WhiteGodiva, I unpeel --Dead hands, dead stringencies. By Sylvia Plath
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I can never unlove you. I'll just love you in a different way now. By Piolo Pascual
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When shucked and released from its edges, the windowless subject stands alone as its own thing. By Robert Genn
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He finally took his harp out of the cobwebs, walked out the door, and admitted who he was: the Unforgiven. By Patricia A. Mckillip
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out and folding it against By Christina Baker Kline
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Let go of the thoughts,let go of the mind,let go of everything.Let go!Drop it!Drop everything.Hold onto nothing. By Robert Adams
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Become detached from your ego, become detached from your possessions. Become simply detached from every possible source of attachment. By Rajneesh
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Purge, emerge and flourish. It's natural. By Tim Johnson
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You can't unkiss a man you've kissed. I By Karen Marie Moning
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Your slightest look easily will unclose me, though I have closed myself as fingers, you open petal by petal myself a Spring opens her first rose. By E. E. Cummings
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You can't unscramble eggs. By J. P. Morgan
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Tell him from me that he hath done me wrong,And therefore I'll uncrown him ere't be long. By William Shakespeare
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If you disaggregate, things fall apart. By Tony Snow
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Loosening sticky emotion is like unsticking glue - find the stuck spot and gently give it attention so it can come apart. By Deborah Sandella
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This is what will remain unforgotten By Jessica Brody
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His leaving had been like snipping off the end of a rope - leaving two unraveling strands. By Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
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Once words have been said there is no way to un-say them By Federico Chini
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I can't untie myself from you, Clary - not my heart or my blood or my mind or any other part of me. By Cassandra Clare
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Life unravels as it's lived. It can't be woven back together. By Allan Wolf
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I have disassociated myself from that book. By Uta Hagen
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Boredom strives to detach, but finds itself stuck. By Mason Cooley
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But you have to direct yourself out of this thing, not into it. Don't fold up. By Don Delillo
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You have to disengage at some point in order to be fresh. By Kathryn Bigelow
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Leaving is an act that cannot be undone. By Nayomi Munaweera
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Let it go to let it be. By Debasish Mridha
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You know, it's hard sometimes to just detach yourself from what you're doing. By Katey Sagal
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Anything that becomes unscrewed can easily be re-screwed. -RZ By Belle Winters
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The world snapped open.The world snapped shut. By Dawn Metcalf
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I quit Paris unwillingly, because I must part from my friends; and I quit the country unwillingly, because I must part from myself. By Joseph Joubert
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were all wired to come come unwound. By Brian Manning
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Salt. Wound. Together at last. By Maureen Johnson
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How deeply bound by cords of family anger we all are[ ... ]None of us breaks free. By Gregory Maguire
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It's not how I take tragic news but how I make tragic views that unscrews me. By Brian Spellman
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I am not an 'unplug' person. I like being plugged in. By Rachel Sklar
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Feelings are untidy ... By Esther Hautzig
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Unhappie Verse, the witnesse of my unhappie state,Make thy selfe fluttring wings of thy fast flyingThought By Edmund Spenser
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I began closing the By James Patterson
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But life doesn't end," the smiling proponents of unwinding all insist. "It just transforms. We like to call it 'living in a divided state.' By Neal Shusterman
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The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path, right now. By Seth Godin
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In the act of tearing something apart, you lose its meaning. By Malcolm Gladwell
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I was tired of hanging on, taking the torn pieces to make something whole with them. By Sarah Dessen
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It took me a while to get myself untied. Every time I meet you , I seem to end up hog-tied and unconscious By L.j.smith
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Read, re-read and un-read! By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Sometimes it is necessary To reteach a thing its loveliness By Galway Kinnell
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I don't want to feel anymore. Feelings hurt too damn much By Katie Mcgarry
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You can't put something together again unless you've torn it apart first. By Steven Brust
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Quite impressive, to unbind what I have wrought with nothing more than blood. By Patrick Rothfuss
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Unbalance so as to re-balance. By Robert Bresson
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Just shred baby, shred. By Al Davis
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I need to break down these self-made walls. By Tahereh Mafi
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Open your heart.Tear it apart. By Becky Stark
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But evidently it wasn't meant to be. When it unraveled, it unraveled in a hurry. By Joseph Teller
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This next part is not going to be any fun, but it's like taking off a band-aid. It has to be done. By Kenneth Eade
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We all have an old knot in the heart we wish to untie. By Michael Ondaatje
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relax and release, By Michael A. Singer
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Release what no longer serves you to create a space for that which does. And yes, sometimes this even means people. By Randy Gage
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I write only to bid you Farewell. The spell is removed; I see you as you are. By Jane Austen
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CLEAVE. To cleave to something is to cling to it with all your heart, he said, but to cleave something apart is to break it up. By Sarah Perry
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Unlearning is the choice, conscious or unconscious, of any real artist. And it is the true sign of maturity. By Madeleine L'engle
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Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. By Anonymous
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How can you be alienated without first having been connected? By Donald Barthelme
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How do you unlove somebody? By Kathleen Fuller
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Renunciation of objects, without the renunciation of desires, is short-lived, however hard you may try. By Mahatma Gandhi
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Renunciation without aversion is not lasting. By Mahatma Gandhi
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If you don't make up your mind, your unmade mind will unmake you. By E. Stanley Jones
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I already felt disengaged with my contemporaries. By Kyle Maclachlan
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unwinding is, by law, painless. By Neal Shusterman
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It's easy to get rid of people, Christophe. All you have to do is rely on them. By Lili St. Crow
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You need to detach most when it seems the least likely or possible thing to do. I By Melody Beattie
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What is already woven cannot be undone. It will not make the trees grow again for you to bring the building down on our heads. By Robert Jordan
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Getting unstuck is a matter of choice. If you want flourish in life make a choice today to move into that reality. You can do it. By Sereda Aleta Dailey
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When I go into the studio, I completely detach. I let my emotions come out. By Sade Adu
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I wanted to pull the thread, unravel the scarf of my silence and start again from the beginning. By Jonathan Safran Foer
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All we got is the family unbroke. By John Steinbeck
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There are few times that I feel more at peace, more in tune, more Zen, if you will, than when I force myself to unplug. By Harlan Coben
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out pulled the chair By Dannika Dark
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You cannot unplay your notes. Time, like music, is indelible that way. By Mitch Albom
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I don't just want you to come. I want you to come undone By Kelly Moran
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When someone disowns an idea or even a person, they give up faith in or love for something or someone they used to call their own. By Hayley Dimarco
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Retra recoiled from his dangling nakedness... By Marianne De Pierres
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Unplug yourself often and you risk losing touch with your feelings altogether. By Sue Grafton
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When one's character begins to fall under suspicion and disfavor, how swift, then, is the work of disintegration and destruction. By Mark Twain
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The reel of your real life unwound only once. By John Updike
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All unlived emotions turn to inanity ... By Anais Nin
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To keep creating something with this type of music, you have to take it out of the box. By Brian Setzer
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As the problems are new, we must disenthrall ourselves from the past. By Abraham Lincoln
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In war, there are no unwounded By Julie Ann Walker
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Let go with the intention of peace. By Danielle Barone
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Sometimes everything inside us must be torn apart. Only then can we sort through to what is truly worth keeping. By Edward Fahey
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It's a continual process of opening and surrender, like taking off layer after layer of clothes, By Pema Chodron
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I felt something loosen in me, that shouldn't have loosened. A stitch come undone. By Gillian Flynn
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They who can no longer unlearn have lost the power to learn. By John Lancaster Spalding
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