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Crawl 'til dawn on my hands and knees Goddamn these vampires for what they've done to me. ~Mountain Goats "Damn These Vampires By Autumn Doughton
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Vampires and humans; we are all monsters in our own way at the end of a dream, or a nightmare. By Cameron Jace
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The difference between vampires and angels? Angels are real. By Lisa Grace
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When you think hotness appeal, vampires automatically fall into that category. By Josh Hutcherson
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Not all vampires are created equal, you know. By Melika Dannese Lux
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I am a vampire, and that is the truth. By Christopher Pike
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psycho monsters. By James Dashner
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Woo woo, secret vampire stuff! By Charlaine Harris
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Those were not vampires.If sunlight makes you sparkle,you're a unicorn. By Ryan Mecum
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You know those vampire myths? Bollocks to them. By Rosemary A. Johns
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A vampire is like a Rose. They are beautiful, yet harmful. By Sweet Tart Smile Child
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What are you say it out loud tell me the basic thing vampires eat By Stephenie Meyer
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Myth: Vampires don't existTruth: Dead wrong. By Kimberly Pauley
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Into every generation comes a vampire. By Holly Black
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Vampires are slicker than goose shit on a glass window. By Chuck Wendig
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What's next? If there are vampires in there, they probably drink artificial blood plasma substitute. By Kelley Armstrong
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Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires ... How avant-garde! By Anne Rice
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Vampires probably don't have great breath. By Demetri Martin
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A vampire's thirst can only be quenched by the blood of their loved ones. By Matsuri Hino
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Vampires aren't made - they're just born that way, and no one knows why. They're sort of a race unto themselves. By Holly Black
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Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness. By Katherine Pierce
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You can't trust a vampire, trust me By Stephenie Meyer
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I am a sort of vampire, taking the blood of other people. By Karl Lagerfeld
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When you put it that way, yuck. I guess when I think of vampire, I picture Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson. More sexy, lets stinky By Aileen Erin
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Now, I bought us a movie to watch, the one that has sparkly vampires in it. By Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Vampires bore a grudge longer than any technically living creatures, and whenever they were in a bad temper, they expressed themselves through murder. By Cassandra Clare
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Vampires are people too. They've got their own problems, they just drink blood. By Heather Brewer
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Real life ... Witches: Wiccan practitioners. Werewolves: rare strain of rabies. Zombies: Prions/Plague. Vampires: Hemophilia/Porphyria By Solange Nicole
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There are vampires and vampires, and not all of them suck blood. By Fritz Leiber
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All vampires are brothers in the brotherhood of night! By Stewart Stafford
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I happen to like vampires more than zombies. By Martin Scorsese
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It is when you see sparkling vampires on television, that you realize just how much the world has changed. By Cyma Rizwaan Khan
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I'm not a vampire but I feel like one By Ronnie Radke
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As everybody knows, chicks dig the vampires. By Paul Wesley
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I think vampires are a timeless powerful archetype that can tap into people's psyches. By Alan Ball
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There's a whole vampire community online - those are some crazy people. By Amy Heckerling
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I was obsessed with vampires when I was 13 or 14. By Lena Headey
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Real vampires don't get pain, we give it." Florence da Vinci, Real Vampires Live Large By Gerry Bartlett
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The vampires have always been metaphors for me. They've always been vehicles through which I can express things I have felt very, very deeply. By Anne Rice
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I read 'Dracula' in high school. I've been around vampires forever. By Denis O'hare
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Damn it! This chick runs with vampires! By Stephenie Meyer
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We're the goddamned hottest vampire hunters ever By Richelle Mead
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People who say that vampires don't care about anyone except themselves are mostly right - but sometimes they are very and lethally wrong. By Patricia Briggs
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Dakota pulled a lollipop out of his pocket before quickly unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth. What kind of vampire sucks on human candy? By Sara Humphreys
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What's your name?""What do you want it to be?""Are you a vampire?""Not the last time I checked. By Kresley Cole
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Vampires should be pretty much like mean girls, all the time, only amazing at it. Flawless. They've had time. By Catherynne M Valente
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Vampires are total sexual metaphors; there's just no way around that. By Alan Ball
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Zombies are the new vampire. By Stephen King
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A vampire?" He laughed. Upon seeing my face he abruptly stopped. "Oh, you were serious?" he said questioningly.-Michael Lyons By Micalea Smeltzer
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How do you kill a vampire? "Silver bullets?""That's werewolves.""Cloves of garlic?""That's French bread. By Parnell Hall
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Vampire in real life aren't like the ones in the movies. They weren't going to be playing baseball in a thunderstorm. By Jacqueline Carey
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Then you ask: what, within this cosmos, is the opposite of a vampire? The answer is obvious. The opposite of a vampire is a werewolf. By David Graeber
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Vampires can live a very long time, theoretically forever, which means their idea of getting down to business can be damn leisurely. By Laurell K. Hamilton
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Vampires have credit cards?""We're undead, not Amish. By Jennifer Colgan
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You treat me as if I was a feeble Human who couldn't survive without your help, but I am a MASTER bloody VAMPIRE. (Bones to Cat - Ch 16, pg. 174) By Jeaniene Frost
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We watched Vamps hunting Vamps, Vamp hunters and Witches torching Vamps, teenage girls kissing Vamps. And we giggled and swooned through it all. By Shelly Crane
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Vampire fans read the vampire not as death but as possibility By Milly Williamson
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Vampires love to gossip. They live for drama... By Amanda Carlson
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Stephenie Meyer: Her vampires are sparkly, which I think we can all agree is wrong. By Christopher Moore
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Vampires always order hot drinks. They aren't going to drink them; but they can feel the warmth and smell them if they're hot, and that is so good. By Anne Rice
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You shouldn't be afraid of me because I'm a vampire. You ought to be scared because you just trash-talked my girlfriend to her face.Michael By Rachel Caine
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Awkwardness, thy name is vampire. By Chloe Neill
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Blood-sucking vampires don't need the blood. They need the emotions, the sensations carried in the blood. By Michael Scott
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Vampires have risen from the dead, the grave, and the crypt, but have never managed it from the cat. By Terry Pratchett
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We love a lot of vampire fiction - both fiction in which the vampires are enemies to be battled or stone cold foxes to be dated. By Sarah Rees Brennan
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These vampires don't sparkle By Michael Mccarty
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You, my dear, are a creature of the night, you are a vampire. By Lauren Hammond
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A vampire? How ith that pothible? I died in a car ackthident, for God'th thake! Aw, thon of a bith! By Maryjanice Davidson
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its a vampire kiss By Ellen Schreiber
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No vampires? You know, the kind that sparkle? I giggle to myself, thinking "Go Team Edward!" - Willow By Mira Monroe
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Vampires are very sexy right now. It's kind of disgusting. It's kind of a bandwagon. By Jake Abel
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Who are the real monsters? By Beth Revis
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You can never trust a Vampire, child. By S.r. Crawford
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I'll take any vampire fans I can get. Dracula isn't a serial killer story. By Robert Greenblatt
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A grumpy vampire is a homicidal vampire. Hungry ones were even worse. By Maryjanice Davidson
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I typed in a single word: Vampre. Google asked, 'Did you mean vampire?' I said, 'Yes. By The Harvard Lampoon
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I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow. By Bela Lugosi
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You just don't want a vampire pissed off at you. By Charlaine Harris
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A vampire is very easy; you just take a very good-looking actor, put some teeth on them, make them pale, and you're there. By David Hayter
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And everybody dreams about vampires; we grow up dreaming about them. They're the first and worst monster that lives under everybody's bed. By Robin Mckinley
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V.L.A.D.: Vampire League Against Discrimination. By Carrie Vaughn
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What is it with you and the Wizard of Oz references? Zombies and werewolves and vamps, oh my. Zombies and werewolves and ... By Christopher Golden
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Vamps no longer exist. Stars have taken their roles. By Kabir Bedi
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And all around them, the bestiality of the night rises on tenebrous wings. The vampire's time has come. By Stephen King
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An intriguing world where vampires rule, only the strongest survive, and romance offers hope in the darkest hours. By Rachel Caine
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I'd lean more toward werewolves. Wolves are cool. By Mireille Enos
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sexy vampire mojo. By Cassandra Clare
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Vampires have become tragic or romantic figures. Vampire are largely seduction tales. They're no longer the scary creature in the dark. By Stephen Graham Jones
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Vampires might bite, honey, but lycans tear. By Lindsay J. Pryor
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My boyfriend is a vampire and I'm okay with it. - Laney By Joann I. Martin Sowles
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If vampires ever spend less time playing theatrics and living down to their stereotypes, they might actually take over the world someday By Carrie Vaughn
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For every ten vampires who are happy being monsters, there's always one sad-sack who misses the sunrise. By Tori Centanni
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I just LOVE reading stories about vampires! I can't get enough of them! By Nyx
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Vampires were always either trying to kill me, or own me. God I hated being popular. By Laurell K. Hamilton
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In my reality all the mosquitoes are vampires and all fireflies are dragons. By Munia Khan
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If you are a vampire, then a vampire is not the creature of the legends. By Christine Feehan
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You don't get a lot of suicidal vampires. By Stephenie Meyer
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What do you do with a master vampire that won't leave you alone? Good question. Unfortunately, what I needed was a good answer. By Laurell K. Hamilton
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All vampires smoke. Smoking's high on the list of Things You Take Up To Pass The Time. By Glen Duncan
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Rahm Emanuel is, we are almost certain, a vampire. By P. J. O'rourke
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