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I like to go out and see what a city's all about. By Estella Warren
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I am going to the USA to catch sight of a wild porcupine and to give some lectures. By Sigmund Freud
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Presence is needed to become aware of the Beauty, the Majesty, the Sacredness of Nature By Eckhart Tolle
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I never go anywhere. I do sketches and make phone calls, and people visit. It's more fun to come to Paris. By Karl Lagerfeld
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When I go on holiday, I go to places that have animals I'm interested in. By Dominic Monaghan
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One must travel, to learn. By Mark Twain
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I'm in Pittsburgh. Why am I here? By Harold Urey
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I miss my family, and I like being a tourist when I go back. By Tim Roth
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Friends from America!(Translation:"Tourist with Money")Look this way! By Amanda Hudson
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I have a great time touring. By Leann Rimes
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I travel for the great stories now ready tell, and those waiting to be told. By Carew Papritz
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I promise I'll take you there someday. I want to see it with you. I want to see everything with you. By Sarah Ockler
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We travel to see the world in new ways, to feel ourselves fully in the world, immersed in the experience of discovery. By Nancy Novogrod
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I'd like to know what a place is like when I'm not there. I'd like to be sure. By Ray Bradbury
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As we meet and touch, each day, The many travelers on our way, Let every such brief contact be A glorious, helpful minister. By Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
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I heard you showed some backbone. I decided to visit in the vain hope that you might be turning interesting. By Kimberly Frost
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Once a year go some place you've never been before By Dalai Lama Xiv
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Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection. By Lawrence Durrell
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I live in a world all my own, but visitors are always welcome. By Ashleigh Brilliant
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Explore the power of a beautiful wonder. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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When you travel, buy a historical book about the place, read to increase your knowledge on the beautiful places of the world. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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I read. That's my form of travel. By Michael Finkel
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Travel is like knowledge. The more you see, the more you know you haven't seen. By Mark Hertsgaard
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Why travel - because the world was meant to be experienced, not imagined. By Chris Guillebeau
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A visit always brings pleasure-- if not when it begins, then when it ends. (Quoted from another book) By Emmanuel Carrere
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I go to see a Greater Perhaps. By Francois Rabelais
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Travel sharpens the senses. Abroad one feels, sees and hears things in an abnormal way. By Paul Fussell
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attuning visitor sensibilities towards both the ethnographic By Anonymous
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There are not many places that I find it more agreeable to revisit, when I am in an idle mood, than some places to which I have never been. By Charles Dickens
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We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. By Pico Iyer
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To travel, to experience and learn: that is to live. By Tenzing Norgay
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Your understanding of a place changes the longer you stay; you discover more, and your own life gets woven into the fabric of the community. By Kim Edwards
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If I've been here a long time, I think: I must go to London and speak to someone or see a bus. By Julian Clary
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Tourists went on holidays while travellers did something else. They travelled. By Alex Garland
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Travel with your thoughts to great land. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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It's fun when you are on tour to go a place you are familiar with in any given city. It's like being home away from home. By Kerry King
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If you want to be somewhere, you should go to that place and check it out. By Kalup Linzy
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I am exploring the beautiful world. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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I don't mind being a tourist at all, and a gawker. I just walk around. By Ann Robinson
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Foreign visitors ... how impressed you all are with foreign visitors! But they come in many different varieties. By Mikhail Bulgakov
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Come English Settlement, I had it in my head that I didn't want to tour. By Andy Partridge
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Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. By Gustave Flaubert
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You always see a better side of where you're visiting when a local shows you around. By Philip Treacy
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We are here to enjoy the breathtaking views of life with love. By Debasish Mridha
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I travel to know where I fit into the world, and where I don't. By Carew Papritz
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I'm not really a tourist attraction kind of guy. By Josh Hartnett
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Many journeys, often ones you didn't plan to make, take you to an unexpected destination that turns out to be exactly where you want to be. By C. Lee Mckenzie
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You have to travel to see new light, find new hope, renew the mind and revitalize the soul. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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I'm like a tourist when I'm in London. By Erin O'connor
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I travel because I want to know. Books and documentaries will only get you so far. If you want to know, you will have to go. By Henry Rollins
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Habits of everyday life are lost when traveling around the world; the stimulus of seeing occurs persistently in the foreground. By Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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Travelling is good for your health and necessary for your amusement. By Thomas Jefferson
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I'm not a good tourist, I don't like tourism. By Joe Sacco
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Think of the place you've most wanted to see. First see it in your mind's eye. Now feel it in your heart. By Elizabeth Rudnick
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We did all the tourist crap, but I just wanted to sit in a cafe and watch people By Sara Shepard
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- sit down and take dinner with us - a guest that is safe from repeating his visit, can generally be made welcome ... By Emily Bronte
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You are going to visit the land of marvels. By Jules Verne
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Different cities visit us daily, they exist in the clouds. By Antonia Perdu
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I'm addicted to travel. By Murray Bartlett
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A good place to visit, but a poor place to stay. By Josh Billings
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I'm not a big traveller. By Patrick Chan
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I came here looking for a Great Perhaps, for real friends and a more-than-minor life.. By John Green
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In the world of old memories, there's room for visitors By Nobuhiro Watsuki
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Tell me, O muse, of travellers far and wide By Homer
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I travel for the jolting, angelic act of seeking strangeness and newness and profoundness. By Carew Papritz
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Everywhere you travel to, be fully there. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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There's no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself. By Rumi
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I've been here before and will come again, but I'm not going this trip through. By Bob Marley
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I come to my solitary woodland walk as the homesick go home. I thus dispose of the superfluous and see things as they are, grand and beautiful. By Henry David Thoreau
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Wander into the center of the circle of wonder. By Hongzhi Zhengjue
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All my life I've wanted to see London. [ ... ] I wanted to see London the way old people want to see home before they die. By Helene Hanff
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I never consider myself as a tourist, I'm a traveler. I'm buying experience, not stuffs," - Paras By Diego Christian
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As we travel to new places we gain new perspectives and renew our thinking. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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In each of us dwells a pilgrim. It is the part of us that longs to have direct contact with the sacred. By Phil Cousineau
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( ... )where tourists and people from the city came in search of sand, sun and expensive forms of boredome. By Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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Be here. Be present. Wherever you are, be there. By Willie Nelson
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My visit this autumn is an opportunity to continue that rich tradition of visits between Canterbury and Rome. By Rowan Williams
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It's a town you come to for a short time. By Ernest Hemingway,
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I was looking forward to my visit to the library. I've always been a big reader and thought I might eventually volunteer as a Friend of the Library. By Debbie Macomber
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When I'm in a foreign city, I like to get to know it like a local. By Kyle Maclachlan
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I've been passing through for the longest time. By Anne Rice
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The best tourist is one without a camera By Kamand Kojouri
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On the way, see the beauty, find the love, and express the kindness. By Debasish Mridha
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I'd love to come to Australia. I'd love to walk about the Sydney Opera House. By Nik Wallenda
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I don't want to sell other people trips! I want to be there! By John Gimlette
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Traveling is magical, inspiring, and life - changing. By Rory Freedman
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The other day I went to a tourist information booth and asked, 'Tell me about some of the people who were here last year. By Steven Wright
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Mostly, I'd just like to look over the country around the gorge again, just to bring some of it clear in my mind again. I been away a long time. By Ken Kesey
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I love touring - I don't do it as often as I should. By Jewel
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You have no need to travel anywhere - journey within yourself. Enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light. By Rumi
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Arriving there is what you are destined for By C.p. Cavafy
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They come to see, they come that they themselves may be seen.[Lat., Spectatum veniunt, veniunt spectentur ut ipse.] By Ovid
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It was a delightful visit;-perfect, in being much too short. By Jane Austen
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Gone for a while Hoping, always, to return If you will let me By Megan Mccafferty
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books, teapots, thunderstorms, bridges, street musicians, coming attractions By Marty Asher
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Coming out of town - willingly as usual. By Henry David Thoreau
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With action experience grows, with travel outlooks grow, and with reflections wisdom grows. By Debasish Mridha
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Spread love whenever you go ... By Mother Teresa
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Explore. Dream. Discover. By Mark Twain
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Every traveler should make their own observation. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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