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I want you to make a habit of wanting me. By Truth Devour
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You gotta want it. By Bill Murray
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you want something, you first need to give, By Robert T. Kiyosaki
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I want to be someone worthy of you. By Sara Raasch
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Want you to see my face when By Grace Burrowes
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I want you so much. Tell me you want me. Say yes. By Jeaniene Frost
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Want is small and will make you small. Want is needy and will make you needy. By Bryant Mcgill
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Go out there and thrill me. By Roger Moore
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Good because I want you too. Now. Forever. Just you By Abbi Glines
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I want to swallow you, have you melt into me and flow through my veins. By Han Kang
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You always want something. - Bahadur By Alwyn Hamilton
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We all want to be seen. - By Emma Cline
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I just wanna know youKnow youKnow you By Taylor Swift
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I like to get wild. By Eleanor Mondale
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I want what I want when I want it. By Eric Cantor
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Want a sugar cube? By Suzanne Collins
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We hould totally make out right now By Jennifer Lawrence
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I want you very badly, especially now, when you're biting your lip again. By E.l. James
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We all just want to people, and none of us know what that really means. By Jeff Vandermeer
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I want nothing from You but to see You. By Robert Bly
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When it comes to desiring, we are all experts. If there were an Olympics of desiring, we would all make the team. By William Braxton Irvine
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I always wanted you. By C.d. Reiss
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I want somebody who's gonna need me. By Anna Torv
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Want is such a short word, and yet it can encompass so many infinite things. By Katy Evans
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I want you. I'm supposed to want you dead, but I just want you. Dom By L.a. Witt
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I should have wanted you. I wanted so much to want you. By Elizabeth Morgan
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I want - I want - I want - was all that she could think about - but just what this real want was she did not know. By Carson Mccullers
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I want to be somebody. I mean I AM somebody, I just want to be a RICH somebody By Octavia St. Laurent
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I thieve love. I beg for it. People want what they cannot have. By Merri Lisa Johnson
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I want you to want me. But I want you to want me for all the right reasons. By Nessie Q.
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i just wanna eat your face! By Rainbow Rowell
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Tell me you want me or get out By Sylvain Reynard
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I'm full of love, and nobody wants it By Dylan Klebold
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Desire is not what you see, but what you imagine. By Paulo Coelho
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do u wnt 2 shoot it all over my face? By Denise Brienne
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We all want to be feel something, we want to be someone to one another. By Nina Lacour
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I want you. I want only you. I want all of you. But I'll take whatever you're ready to give. By Rachel Vincent
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I crave attention and adventure. By Eddie Cibrian
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I want to love someone. I think I might already. By Kim Harrison
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Younot wanting mewasthe beginning of mewanting myselfthank you By Nayyirah Waheed
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I'm a hot..and cool guy. By Toba Beta
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I want to talk to you and be random with you and be ridiculous with you. By David Levithan
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I wonder if you can understand, I never really knew what it was to want, until you. By Nora Roberts
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I'll pretend that I want you for what is on the inside. By Marilyn Manson
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If you feel like it, come with me. I will tell you a story. By Markus Zusak
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I want you. And I usually get what I want. I had to wait too long to have you already. By Kelly Moran
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If you ask me what I want, I'll tell you. I want everything. By Kathy Acker
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God, I want what you want more than I want what I want. By Andy Stanley
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It's okay. There's no shame in wanting me. I am hot, after all. By Larissa Ione
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I have a desperate longing to have a desperate longing By Joss Whedon
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There is no poetry without want. Desperate want. By Richelle E. Goodrich
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I need some money. You got any money? By Daniel Negreanu
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I want men to want me. I want women to be jealous of me. I need to feel desired. By Mia Asher
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I want to be owned by you. By Truth Devour
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Ah, desire. Such a poisonous thing. By Roshani Chokshi
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I want you to feel like you're going to die. By Jillian Michaels
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I want more than last night. I want you. By Donna Grant
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Do you want me, too?Yes. And no.I'll take that. For now. By Alex Adams
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Everybody, everybody wants to be loved By Ingrid Michaelson
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I do want love. Genuine love. By Jill Scott
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want to live someplace that By Mary H.k. Choi
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Do you know what that's like? How good it feels? For once in my life, someone wants me. By Brynna Gabrielson
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No, I want to take you out back and beat your fucking head on the floor. By Sebastian Faulks
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I want to be eaten alive. I wantto feel wanted. By Elisabeth Hewer
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I yearn to taste my desire on your lips. By Truth Devour
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I want fame more than I can tell. But more than I want fame I want happiness. By Mary Maclane
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On the road I want to grab you sometimes and just kiss the life outa you By Arthur Miller
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What do I want from the world? I want the world. By Boris Zubry
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I want you. Tell me how I can have you. By Ella Frank
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all I want is a room up thereand you in it By Frank O'hara
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I have a big mouth. By Julie Bowen
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Is it odd that I want you to so badly? By Laurelin Paige
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I don't know what I want but I know that I want it now. By Dylan Moran
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You've gotta want it, to win. By Patrick Mcmenamin
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I want to drive! I love to drive! I drive at home in Barbados. By Jim Parsons
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I need you like a needle needs a vein. By Tim Mcgraw
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Much will always wanting beTo him who much desires. By Abraham Cowley
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I need a boyfriend. And to get a boyfriend, you have to look good. Doesn't hurt to smell good too. By Becca Fitzpatrick
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You have no idea how much I want you. By Rachel Harris
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Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend? By George Strait
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think of that? Maybe I want to By Elle Kennedy
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Will you talk to me By Kathy Reichs
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Desire is possibility seeking expression. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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If you want me you're going to have to come and get me. By Tiffanie Debartolo
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You don't want me. How could you? You know nothing about me. By Maya Banks
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The truth is, I always want to kiss you. By Alex Rosa
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I can run around completely naked if you like. By Patrick Sanchez
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Desire is no light thing. By Anne Carson
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Fuck yeah. Bite me, gorgeous. Mark up my whole body. I want everyone to know who I belong to. Who I get hard for. Just you, Story. Just you. By Tessa Bailey
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Do you want me? I am yours. By Mark Andrew Poe
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I know what I want. I will chase to it. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Do you want me to lick you again? By Alyssa Brugman
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Let's face it: I want it alljust like you and everybody else. It may not be in the cards, but the prospect is so dazzling that I have to try. By Lauren Bacall
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It's so early do you want some coffee or something? By Val Kilmer
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Do you want - do you want - do you want to dance with me baby? By Joni Mitchell
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I want to spank you, but also want to know you want it. I need to hear it sweetheart, tell me you deserve it ... By Felicity Brandon
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Do you want me, baby? Tell me you want me. Tell me you feel this too. By S.l. Jennings
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If you want it, boys, get it here, thing. By David Bowie
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It's hard to feel desire when you don't feel desirable By Christine Feehan
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I want you to like me, but I don't care if you don't. By Olivia Munn
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