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Observation is the most enduring of the pleasures of life. By George Meredith
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You are not an observer, you are a participant. By Thich Nhat Hanh
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People are watching us again." "Good. Beautiful things should be watched. They shine. By Bethany-Kris
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I prefer to watch people. By Michael Winterbottom
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window, staring at By Tracy Rees
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I hope we're not gonna just watch. By Bella Jeanisse
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Enjoying the view? By Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Spying is waiting. By John Le Carre
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Observing is the basis of wisdom. By Eraldo Banovac
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I watch the vein in his neck pulse. I watch him convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. I watch him existing and existing and existing. By Jandy Nelson
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What are you looking at? By Jesse Stone
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It is better to watch people do stuff than to do stuff. By Homer
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I have learned that many of us simply "See", .........we hardly "Observe By Monish Bhalla
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Carlyle said that how to observe was to look, but I say that it is rather to see, and the more you look the less you will observe. By Henry David Thoreau
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I am a committed observer. I like staying in the background and seeing what's going on. By Valerie Trierweiler
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The hardest part of watching someone watching me is making it appear that I'm not watching. By Pete Wentz
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I'm a casual watcher. I like to stream everything. By Tyler Oakley
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If you're watching, Eo, it's time to close your eyes. By Pierce Brown
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Watching people is a bit of a hobby of mine. It's quite fascinating, really. By Keigo Higashino
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You never know who's watching. By Don Mattingly
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We can all see, but can you observe? By A.d. Garrett
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I watch you, and it's like watching two people. By Victoria Schwab
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You can learn so much just by observing. By Jessica Williams
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We're watchers of this world aren't we? not players By Maggie Stiefvater
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I'll be watching.-A By Sara Shepard
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was letting the cameras By Mary Higgins Clark
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I learned from watching and I learned form doing. By Claire Bloom
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You watch and see! By Lama Feher Alsharif
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It is better to watch things then to do them. By Dan Castellaneta
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And I did what I do best. I watched, alone, from the sidelines. I saw. By Belle Whittington
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Seeing, observing, listening, these are the greatest acts By Jiddu Krishnamurti
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I'm sittin' on my watch so I can be on time. By Bob Dylan
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I love observing people. By Liv Tyler
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For it is a serious thing to have been watched. We all radiate something curiously intimate when we believe ourselves to be alone. By E. M. Forster
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Today in Germany, everyone is being watchedeven the watchers. By Abraham Polonsky
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We always watch what we really love... By Pet Torres
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For some must watch, while some must sleep So runs the world away By William Shakespeare
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Catch someone doing something right. By Ken Blanchard
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Watcha doin? If you're like me, you're doin nothin, but you're doin it so well that everybody thinks you're doin somethin. By Richard Brautigan
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I'm a sports-watcher. I played football and baseball, coached baseball. So I watch those things. By Phil Jackson
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Every time you observe you give yourself the opportunity to learn. By Libby Fischer Hellmann
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I observe the world and the people surrounding me. By Eric Cantona
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We were watching Barrons.Why were you watching Barrons?Barrons needs watching. By Karen Marie Moning
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I tend to watch silently from the shadows. You learn a lot more that way. By Sherrilyn Kenyon
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What are you doing?" Dengo would ask him. "Observing," father would say. "But how long can you observe the same thing?" "Forever. By Neal Stephenson
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Listening is loving By Francois Lelord
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Observation is the best medium of learning, By Priya Kumar
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Maybe answers are found not in observing but in doing. Doing the right thing -Eva Nine By Tony Diterlizzi
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I watch things that are fun, or funny, or interesting. By Martha Plimpton
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I got caught watching the one person I was supposed to not care about By Cambria Hebert
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I don't ever watch myself. By watching, you try to perfect yourself, become a robot. By Bernie Mac
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Turn on, Tune in, Drop out By Timothy Leary
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As a spectator, you get to watch everything, but I'd much rather be playing than watching. I'll have time to watch later in my career. By Landon Donovan
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It is not about mind-watching; but rather recognizing That which watches the mind. By Mooji
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I'm not a big fan of watching my matches. By Victoria Azarenka
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For you are an observer, you know, you observe things, that's why you live. By Jack Kerouac
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Who will observe the observers? By Arthur Eddington
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Do notbelikecowsgrazingwatchingthebutcher. By Alice Walker
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Observing and understanding are two different things. By Mary E. Pearson
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I watched the way you watch when you know you want to remember. By Michael Dorris
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Watchfulness is experiencing a sudden glimpse of something without any qualifications - just the sudden glimpse itself. By Chogyam Trungpa
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I like sitting down and watching games. By Jurnee Smollett
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I didn't realize we were being watched. We were all being watched By Jerry Spinelli
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Hey, Audrey, shut the fuck up. We're trying to watch the game. By Jillian Dodd
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can perceive. Television is coming to By Carol Drinkwater
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Sitting let me learn what the NFL is all about. By Chad Pennington
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I'm a real voyeur. By Janet Evanovich
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Don't tell me to watch the beat. You watch me. By Boozoo Chavis
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Doing nothing, badly. By Graham Greene
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Doing fine. Watching shadows on the wall. By John Lennon
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I cannot give it to you, so try to watch me. By Eugene Ormandy
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The Observer is the Observed By Jiddu Krishnamurti
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Unconsciously, I think I watch for a look, an expression, features or nostalgia that can summarize or more accurately reveal life. By Steve Mccurry
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I don't like to watch myself. I can't get into the story; I'm too critical. By Cheyenne Jackson
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When in doubt, be patient, and watch. By Robert Jackson Bennett
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We watched as the last By Judy Blume
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I've been sitting here watching the river. It never stops, you know. By Kate Morton
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You may get real tired watching me, but I'm not going to quit. By Harrison Ford
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Hoping something will happen soon, so she can sit down & watch it with a fresh bowl of popcorn. By Brian Andreas
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Even the president is watching the fight. By Manny Pacquiao
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Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you. By Roald Dahl
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selfishly looking By Walt Disney Company
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Observe, and in that observation there is neither the "observer" nor the "observed" - there is only observation taking place. By Jiddu Krishnamurti
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You can't do clear observation if you ain't in the field.You can't be a pure observer if you're now in the field. By Toba Beta
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Once I was seated, I couldn't help people-watching. I'll admit it, I'm an addict from way back. By James Patterson
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To be a great business person, you must be a great observer. By Ehab Atalla
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What you see you become. By Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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Observe what is with undivided awareness. By Bruce Lee
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I watch people from the top of buses who don't know they're being watched. It's quite fascinating. By Celia Imrie
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What am I doing here? By Arthur Rimbaud
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Love me or hate me ... you're gonna watch me. By Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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I watch people's behavior and notice things. I think that's why I became a comedian. I notice how stupid the things we do are. By Ellen Degeneres
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Looked up from where he By Rachel Abbott
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Some people like to spend their time watching and studying how other people spend their own time. By Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
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Children will learn far more by watching than by just listening. By Billy Graham
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Read like no one is watching.... By Leroy Henry
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End of watch is what they call it, but Hodges himself has found it impossible to give up watching. By Stephen King
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I don't generally like to watch myself. By Hayden Panettiere
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So I am just sitting and waiting, listening, and if something exciting comes, I just jump in. By George Gamow
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But when we observe, we are forced to pay attention. We have to move from passive absorption to active awareness. We have to engage. By Maria Konnikova
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