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Worry is a progressive disease that ruins one's life By Sunday Adelaja
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Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe. By Mark Twain
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Worrying is wasted time. Use the same energy for doing something about whatever worries you. By Oprah Winfrey
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Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles. It takes away today's peace. By Randy Armstrong
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Worrying is just a prayer for the worst possible scenario. By Daphne Oz
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Worry is the only insupportable misfortune of life. By Henry St John, 1St Viscount Bolingbroke
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Worry is as useless as closing the bathroom door when you live alone. By Ed Rambeau
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Worry is fear in disguise. And fear will eat you from the inside out if you let it. By Jim Butcher
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Why worry when you have nothing to fear. Why fear when no one else worries. By Brain
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I try never to worry in general. Worry is interest paid in advance on a debt that never comes due. By Kevin Smith
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If I wasted my time worrying, I would be deprived of all the simple joys of life! By Jen Selinsky
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Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. By Mary Schmich
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I am too busy. I have not time for worry. By Winston Churchill
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Today worrying means to be occupied and preoccupied with many things, while at the same time being bored, resentful, depressed, and very lonely. By Henri J.m. Nouwen
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I don't want to share my worries - that's for me to know. By Nicholas Hoult
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Don't go looking for worry. It finds you on its own. By Autumn Jordon
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Worry is a prayer for something you don't want. By Sharon Gannon
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Worry denies the power of God and produces no good results. Worry adds no value to your life. Eliminate it with God's help. By Elizabeth George
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Worry is spiritual short sight. Its cure is intelligent faith. By Paul Brunton
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Worry is to joy what a Hoover vacuum cleaner is to dirt: might as well attach your heart to a happiness-sucker and flip the switch. By Max Lucado
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Worrying means you suffer twice By J.k. Rowling
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Worry is fear in disguise. By Jim Butcher
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Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. By Glenn Turner
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I don't worry much but I'm starting to worry a little. By Malik Rose
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Worrying is like a man's beard, if you don't do something about it ... it will keep growing. By Samer Chidiac
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Worry is like racing the engine of an automobile without letting in the clutch. By Corrie Ten Boom
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Worry only wears the body, soul and the spirit. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Worry is essentially a misuse of imagination. By Alex Faickney Osborn
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Do not worry, and worry. By Marilyn Monroe
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Worry is the last infirmity of the weak-minded. By E. C. R. Lorac
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Worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is. By Neale Donald Walsch
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Worry comes from the belief you are powerless. By Robert Anthony
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I don't believe in worry. It doesn't change the outcome, but it make the now miserable, so I don't do it. By Caragh M. O'brien
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Worry has everything to do with lack of faith, and lack of faith has a lot to do with not believing in yourself as much as you believe in others. By Art Hochberg
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Worry is irrelevant. It alters nothing. When was the last time you solved a problem by worrying about it? By Max Lucado
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One has two duties - to be worried and not to be worried. By E. M. Forster
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I've had plenty to worry about one time or other. I'm through worrying. By Ernest Hemingway,
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Worry is an intrusion into God's providence. By John Haggai
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Worrying is a waste of time. It doesn't change anything. It messes with your mind and steals your happiness. By Ziad K. Abdelnour
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Worry only wears the body, soul and spirit. By Lailah Gifty Akita
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Worry is one of the most destructive scourges of mankind. By Maxwell Maltz
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Worry is spiritual nearsightedness, a fumbling way of looking at little things, and of magnifying their value. By Anna Robertson Brown Lindsay
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What worries you masters you By Haddon W. Robinson
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If you worry, you die. If you don't worry, you also die. So why worry? By Mike Horn
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Worry is a waste of emotional reserve". By Ayn Rand
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Worry is throwing good shillings at trouble that hasn't happened yet. By Mary Jo Putney
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Worrying is betting against yourself. By Terence Mckenna
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Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due. By Will Rogers
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It's hard to not worry, because trying not to worry reminds me that I should be worried By Matthew Green
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Worry is the warning light that shows I've stopped looking to God to meet my needs. By Rick Warren
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Definitions from Mulla Do-Piaza. Worry: Something to make you unnecessarily ill. By Idries Shah
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If I was a worrier I'd worry, but not being a worrier I'm just sort of confused and pissed off. By Mykle Hansen
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Worrying makes you cross the bridge before you come to it. By Harvey Mackay
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Worry is a funky luxury when a lot has to be done. By Melvin Van Peebles
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Worry worships the words of the enemy By T.d. Jakes
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When we worry, we have our hearts in the wrong place. By Henri J.m. Nouwen
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Replace worry with prayer. Make the decision to pray whenever you catch yourself worrying. By Elizabeth George
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Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have By Joyce Meyer
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My philosophy is worrying means you suffer twice. By J.k. Rowling
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confusion is the mian cause of worry By Dale Carnegie
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Worry is half impatience and half ignorance. By Austin O'malley
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Worry tells you that life is not perfect, you are not perfect, and that what is about to happen is "bad. By Bruce Van Horn
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Worrying is imagining that which you don't want. By Esther Hicks
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Worry is a dividend paid to disaster before it is due. By Ian Fleming
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Worry is like a roller coaster ride that you think will take you somewhere, but it never does. By Shannon L. Alder
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Worrying is one of my few forms of prayer. By Joanne Greenberg
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Worry is not thought; complaining is not action. By Mason Cooley
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Whatever is worrying you right now, give it to Jesus and trust Him to take care of it. Let His peace replace your worry. By Billy Graham
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I don't worry about nothing. I have a lot of concerns. My life is full of concerns, but I try not to worry. By Richard Childress
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Worry is belief gone wrong. Because you don't believe that God will get it right. By Ann Voskamp
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Worry is like a squatter: it sneaks in and tries to stay without paying rent! Serve it eviction papers! HS/el By Evinda Lepins
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I'm not worried. I'm in control. By Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
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Worry is a mean-faced dwarf who beats on your heart like a kettledrum. By Kevin Brockmeier
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Worrying meant you were trying to control something you had no business trying to control By Martha Woodroof
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You know worries are made to be shared, don't you? By Osman Welela
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Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear. By Corrie Ten Boom
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Worry is useless mulling over of things we cannot change. Worry is not concern, which would motivate you to do everything possible in a situation. By Peace Pilgrim
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Worry can bring you down to nothing and make you doubt everything you know about yourself. By Kris Radish
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I'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. By Soseki Natsume
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Worrying is like a toothless dog gnawing on a bone. By Kathleen Fields
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Worry and anxiety reflect our hearts' distrust in the goodness and sovereignty of God. Worry is a spiritual issue and must be fought with faith. By Kevin Deyoung
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You worry too much." "Because you worry not enough. By A&E Kirk
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Don't worry. Worry is useless. By John Green
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Worry is negative goal setting. By Brian Tracy
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Unfortunately, telling me not to worry is like telling someone not to breathe. It's impossible, and is my default setting. By T.c. Edge
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Worry is a subtle way of telling God that He's fallen asleep at the wheel and that things aren't under His authority, but ours. By Margaret Feinberg
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Worry has never solved a problem. By Stefan Emunds
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Worry is a form of fear. By Bertrand Russell
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Worry is the destroyer of understanding. By Dada Bhagwan
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It is no good worrying about things that are out of your hands By Matt Thomas
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It only seems as if you're doing something when you worry. By Lucy Maud Montgomery
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Worry erases the promises of God from your mind. By Charles R. Swindoll
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Worry is a state of mind based on fear. By Napoleon Hill
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Only worry about things that are within your control By Jon Fitch
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Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. By Leo Buscaglia
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The wrong people always worry. The people who are the real problem never worry about anything. By James Lee Burke
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Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want. By Esther Hicks
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Worry adds no hours to a day, nor happiness to a smile, so it is not worth succumbing to, especially when it obscures the sight of potential. By Johnathan Jena
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most things I worry 'bout never happen anyway By Tom Petty
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