Quotes about Nity : pic 000100637

Nihilists expend everything and everyone except themselves. They are the indispensable men, without whom the world might try to live almost happily.

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Quotes on Zusak : pic 000869796

I vant to zuk your blood." He waved his black gloved hands above his head as he tried out his awful Transylvanian accent. "You vish," She replied.

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Quotes for Yvexes : pic 000443355

The archtraitor and madman Shuos Jedao had appeared as a Ninefox Crowned with Eyes, visionary and strategist, but had proved to be an Immolation Fox.

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Quotes about Alka : pic 000134945

Alex has met them at the restaurant with his latest girlfriend, black-banged Lola, a performance artist who claims to have studied magic.

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